Pa in Play

Pennsylvania is in play:

The difference between the neighboring states, however, is critical and that difference explains most of what we will see in both states for the rest of the campaign. In the Electoral College calculus that ultimately governs both campaigns, Romney must have Ohio to win. (Yes there are scenarios under which he could win without Ohio but they are extremely unlikely. In the real world Romney wins Ohio or he loses the election.)

The problem for Romney is that he probably won’t win Ohio as long as Obama can concentrate campaigning there, defend his slim lead and stop Romney from further gains. That’s where Pennsylvania comes in. Romney in that critical Electoral College strategy doesn’t need Pennsylvania; but Obama does. Obama must win the Keystone state to win the national election. No Pennsylvania for Obama, no second term.

Interesting. Romney is starting to spend in states that have long been considered safe for Obama. Not just Pennsylvania, either. I’d really love to see the internal polling right now.

We have to make this Romney victory too big for them to cheat. If you can, help make it happen.

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