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Vote for Love of Country

Mitt Romney at his Ohio Rally asked Americans to vote for love of country. Obama asked people to vote for revenge. Which motivates you? Tweet

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Those Great Unemployment Numbers

Obama, waving his loins about, is bragging up the latest unemployment numbers. Well, this graph says quite a lot about what Obama has built in this nation. Time for a real change, America. The won has not delivered a change … Continue reading

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Romney Ohio Rally Live Now

On CSPAN. Holy smoke. They are trotting out all the biggest stars in the Republican constellation for this one. Tweet

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Spending Everything While Building Nothing

Mark Steyn on the utter failure of big government, Obama-style: If you’re saying, “Whoa, that sounds expensive,” well, our government is more expensive than any government in history – and we have nothing to show for it. Imagine if Obama’s … Continue reading

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Another Media Fail

Drudge does it again. He deftly cores the story line of Obama’s leg humping media about how wonderful the response of Secretary Obama’s FEMA has been. How they saved New York. Read ‘em and weep. (Now you know why Bloomy … Continue reading

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Poll Dancing

Jay Cost looks beyond poll data and zeros in on history and trends: Since then, I have learned substantially more history, soured somewhat on political science as an academic discipline, and have become much more skeptical of public opinion polls. … Continue reading

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Nanny Bloomberg Reads News – Caves

I was planning a post pointing out the self-centered stupidity of running the New York City marathon on Sunday despite the devastation in the Big Apple. Which was Nanny Bloomberg’s plan. Just as I sat down, news broke that the … Continue reading

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