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Good News, NYC Residents! Free Gas Edition.

Hey, remember just yesterday when the Obama leg-humping media was wetting itself – and nearby innocents – with the glorious news that the won was giving away mega-gallons of free gas? One small correction. That gas is not for you. … Continue reading

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On a High Note

Byron York: Obama’s “revenge” remark was valuable to Romney not because it could be turned into an attack ad.  “Revenge” was valuable because it underscored, a thousand times, Romney’s new emphasis on the bigness of his own campaign versus the … Continue reading

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Good News, NYC Residents!

The cancellation of the New York marathon is your fault!  Not the fault of the loathsome nanny you elected as mayor! When asked what he would say to all the runners who had flown in for the event, he said: … Continue reading

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Empty Chair, Empty Suit, Empty Stands

There appears to be an enormous enthusiasm gap developing: (Stevie) Wonder took the stage at about 10:30 a.m. “I do a song. You go vote. You come back. We do some more music,” he said before opening with “Sir Duke.” … Continue reading

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Trust Deficit

NRO highlights some folks who won’t be voting for the Loin King. Tweet

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Empty Chair, Empty Stands

Tea Party visits Obama rallies, then the Romney rally in Ohio. The difference in crowd size is jaw-dropping. Do. Not. Get. Cocky. GOTV! Tweet

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Revenge For What?

Easiest job in America today: writing Romney ads. They write themselves! Or rather, they are produced, in buckets, by the leather-draped empty chair. Tweet

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The Haters

Racist Obama contributor Bill Maher. “If you’re thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea: black people know who you are and they will come after you” Racist. (H/T Ed Driscoll over at Instapundit) … Continue reading

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Vote Strategically

If you have had enough of Barack Obama and are planning to vote against him, it is time to start thinking strategically. As in Romney will need a republican controlled Senate to get ObamaCare repealed. (Or defunded, same difference.) Jazz … Continue reading

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Staten Island Hell

Despite the media’s glowing report of how presidential secretary Obama looked jauntily posing in his leather jacket, Staten Island residents aren’t feeling much relief: She spent her life helping people — only to be abandoned in her own time of … Continue reading

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