Empty Chair, Empty Suit, Empty Stands

There appears to be an enormous enthusiasm gap developing:

(Stevie) Wonder took the stage at about 10:30 a.m.

“I do a song. You go vote. You come back. We do some more music,” he said before opening with “Sir Duke.”

No one left to vote after the first — or any — song.

A shuttle meant to take voters to the nearby Cuyahoga County Board of Elections left empty after Wonder’s final song, “Superstition.”

I watched Romney’s speech in Ohio last night on CSPAN. That crowd was not apathetic. At all. And they were watching speeches by politicians, not a name performer. (I realize Wonder is not as big as he used to be, but he is still a very famous performer.)

You have to love the spin in the headline about how “few knew” about the appearance. Later in the story the fact that 34,000 people were informed at least a few hours in advance comes out.

And they drew less than 200 – some “drawn by the music”. And nobody rode the bus to vote. That’s about a one half of one percent response rate.

50 shades of lame.

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