Good News, NYC Residents! Free Gas Edition.

Hey, remember just yesterday when the Obama leg-humping media was wetting itself – and nearby innocents – with the glorious news that the won was giving away mega-gallons of free gas?

One small correction.

That gas is not for you.

Update, 3:30 p.m.: New York’s gasoline giveaway is off. After city residents swarmed the mobile fueling station sites announced by Governor Cuomo this morning, officials have decided that free gasoline will now mainly be given to emergency workers. “We have asked the general public to no longer come to these distribution centers,” said Eric Durr, the director of public affairs for the New York Division of Military and Naval Affairs. He added that the 28 million gallons of fuel headed for New York will soon eliminate the need for emergency rations.

The won could not be reached for comment as he is on stage and can’t be bothered with expired promises. The leg-humping media was busy, too.

But we’re sure the won would be really sorry about the gas, New York. Well, he would be if he actually cared.

I repeat: Side question to the people being disabused of the notion of their promised free gas:

Still think the leather-draped, empty-chair Loin King with his BFF endorser is a great guy deserving your vote? Just asking.

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