Our Leaders Owed Us Better Than Lower Standards of Living…

The New York Daily News has a strong endorsement of Mitt Romney for president – and a damning indictment for the failures of Barack Obama:

 First came emergency economic stimulus. Because Obama gave free rein to House and Senate Democrats in deciding how to spend $800 billion, the legislation was heavily designed to satisfy the party’s constituencies and hunger for social programs, and inadequately weighted toward job-multiplier projects like building and repairing bridges and railroads — including subways.

After originally projecting that the program would produce 4 million more jobs than the country now has, along with a 5% jobless rate, Obama pleads that he saved Americans from more dire straits.

Next came Obamacare. While the country bled jobs, the President battled to establish universal health insurance — without first restraining soaring medical bills. Then he pushed one of the largest social programs in U.S. history through a Democratic-controlled Congress without a single Republican vote.

R.I.P. and never to be resurrected — Obama’s promised bipartisanship.

While the legislation has yet to take full effect, the typical family’s health insurance premium has risen and many businesses will experience a hike of $70 per week per employee, further restraining wages or producing part-time jobs that lack coverage.

This is a long endorsement. A very detailed one. And it slams Obama very, very hard. There is a fair recounting of Romney’s plans – and why they are preferable to four more years of more Obama failures.

The paper endorsed Obama in 2008. This is, to quote the court jester, a big effing deal. Especially since the paper is widely read among average Americans in NYC. Those people can look at their loathsome mayor blaming them for the cancellation of the marathon and endorsing Obama then read this and realize they can punch back by voting for Romney.

New Yorkers are a feisty lot. They may be in a daylight kicking mood right about now.

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  1. M J R says:

    “Those people can . . . realize they can punch back by voting for Romney.”

    In other words, “revenge”? [ snicker ]

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