The View From Across the Pond – Tiny Obama Edition

Janet Daley:

This was supposed to be a presidency of great thoughts and ideals. Obama was the big ideas guy: hope, change, the transformation of Washington, and a new post-racial, post-partisan politics. But whenever a moment came to go big, Obama went small. Instead of being larger than life, he repeatedly became bogged down in obstinate, technocratic detail. Instead of facing up to the historic enormity of the economic crisis, he became obsessed with ramming a very unpopular and expensive health care programme through Congress, thus destroying any possibility of bipartisan co-operation over the Budget (which remains frozen in futile gridlock). Instead of telling the truth as it was known over the Benghazi terror attack and its implications for Middle East policy, he and his White House evaded, denied, covered up – and smeared those who demanded answers and pointed out the contradictions. Instead of conveying wholehearted empathy with the victims of Hurricane Sandy, he offered a detailed list of facilities (water filtration equipment and “pre-position supplies”) that he was making available, leaving it to Governor Christie to speak of the sorrow that “won’t be permitted to replace resilience”.

Don’t miss this one, especially the last paragraph. Daley declines to pick a winner on Tuesday, but this entire column reads like an obituary for the Obama presidency.

I noticed that Obama looked more like a cabinet secretary than a president in his post-Sandy appearances. Daley confirms that I was not the only one.

However. It is vital that we show up and vote. In numbers too big for them to cheat. Because they are blatantly cheating already. Remember to act as your own poll watcher. Bring a camera, too. If you see illegal electioneering try to document it. (Without breaking any laws yourself. Taking pictures inside a polling place is illegal in my state, for example.) Certainly report it if you see it.

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2 Responses to The View From Across the Pond – Tiny Obama Edition

  1. Sam L. says:

    “The final B-52 from Saigon”? ??? ??????? Helicopters and B-52s have one thing in common–a nose-down attitude on take-off.

    After that, and other than that, it’s pretty good.

  2. Gaius says:

    Yeah, I noted that bit as well. It doesn’t negate the rest of the column, though.

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