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Signs and Portents

Maybe. Just maybe. But that is not a reason to sit back and hope for the best. Get your butt out there and vote. And bring friends and relatives. Tweet

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Americans Don’t Settle

We don’t have to settle for the new normal of Obama. We don’t have to have lower expectations, lower opportunities, lower Middle Class net worth, lower employment for college graduates. We are Americans. We don’t settle. Free people can decide … Continue reading

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A Handy Reference

Of all the people who voted for ObamaCare. If you don’t want this massive intrusion into your privacy, you have to vote against any of these people who are running where you vote. Tweet

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Advice From Other Quarters

Crush Them: Conservatives have a rare opportunity tomorrow to do something they signally failed to do in the landslide elections of 1972 and 1984: finish the job. Head over and read the whole thing. Tweet

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The Bleak Future

If Obama wins a second term its trajectory is already written in the history of his first: Mr. Obama has governed from the left not because he miscalculated his priorities but because these are his priorities. His first term is … Continue reading

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If it Was Up to Us

This would already be won. However, it is not up to just us. So make sure you vote. And those thinking of voting for other candidates or sitting it out might want to reconsider.  It really is that important. Tweet

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Our navy is now one carrier smaller. The world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier ended its remarkable career at sea on Sunday when it pulled into its home port for the final time after participating in every major conflict since the … Continue reading

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