America Lost

There will be autopsies in plenty, with the mainstream media dancing on the remains. But we really should begin a dialog on what needs to be done in both the short and the long term.

A start on the long-term fixes that must be made comes from Andrew Klavan.

To win that game, to create an electorate more deeply committed to true liberty and resistant to the sort of cultural scare tactics the president’s campaign team used so effectively, there are three areas to which conservatives need to commit intellectual and financial resources—three areas that our intelligentsia and funders, in their impractical practicality, too often ignore.

The mainstream news media. Major news outlets, like ABC, NBC, CBS, and the still influential New York Times have now become so ideologically corrupt that they are engaging in the sort of Nixonian cover-ups they once prided themselves on exposing. Their studied creation of non-scandal scandals and non-gaffe gaffes on the right and their active suppression of such true scandals as Fast and Furious and Benghazi on the left amount to journalistic malpractice on behalf of the state. The late Andrew Breitbart understood the depth and extent of the problem better than the cooler establishment heads who wrinkled their noses at him. He declared a guerrilla war on the media in the name of truth.

I do not pretend to know if these three things will be enough. But it is a start. Or the beginning of a start. Please go read it and think about what needs to be done.

I think discussing the culture is one thing that needs to happen.

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