Anti-Semitic Logic

Michael Goodwin calls it Bizarro World logic, but let’s call it what it really is, shall we?

So, yes, naturally, the war started when Israel hit back.

Double standards are par for the course in the Mideast and all the Jew-hating salons from Turtle Bay to Paris. While the hatred is shouted with a clenched fist on the smoldering streets of Gaza City, equally absurd claims are made by striped-pants diplomats and left-leaning sophisticates who insist Israel is guilty of “disproportionate” force because it uses its huge military advantage.

Their argument moves the goal posts. They tacitly accept Israel’s right to respond, but only up to a point. No matter its losses, the Jewish state must never “escalate” because that would be unfair.

None of the self-righteous, fundamentally Jew-hating European countries would stand for an armed terrorist organization rocketing their own civilians. But they sanctimoniously berate Israel for responding to outright war crimes by Hamas.


Instead of treating with these thugs, we should be handing Israel a bigger stick to beat Hamas with – and telling Turtle Bay and Europe to pound sand. None of which will happen with the current regime in Washington.

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