Capitol Zone

Glenn Reynolds:

So Washington gets fat, and it does so on money taken from the rest of the country: Either directly, in the form of taxes, or indirectly in the form of money that otherwise would have gone to that factory or training program.

I’m not the only one to notice this, or even to make the Hunger Games analogy. As Ross Douthat wrote, “There aren’t tributes from Michigan and New Mexico fighting to the death in Dupont Circle just yet. But it doesn’t seem like a sign of national health that America’s political capital is suddenly richer than our capitals of manufacturing and technology and finance, or that our leaders are more insulated than ever from the trends buffeting the people they’re supposed to serve.”

The correct cure for this is to return to the very limited government established by the Constitution. I’m just not sure how we can do that at this point. There is simply too much money being siphoned off by the cronies – and outright bribes being paid to those ‘public servants’ and ‘elites’.

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