Not Your Father’s D’Oh!

Artisan donuts:

Like San Francisco’s Dynamo Donuts. They have Spiced Chocolate Donuts, chocolate donuts coated with sugar, cinnamon, chile and chipotle, Apricot Cardamom, cardamom donuts with dried apricots and currants, with cardamom glaze, and Maple Apple Bacon, studded with bacon and apples sautéed in bacon fat, maple glazed and topped with crispy bacon.

Dynamo’s founder, culinary-trained pastry chef Sara Spearin, says “gourmet” is about technique, labor and ingredients more than flavors. She hand-mixes each batch and explains that working with yeast dough requires knowledge and experience. “Yeast is moody,” she says, “it reacts to weather and humidity.” It requires expertise “to put out the same product every day even though the yeast reacts differently every day,” she says.

She flavors her dough as opposed to heaping flavorings on top. That means that Molasses Guinness Pear requires its own batch of dough and glaze as does Saffron Chocolate. Dynamo launched in 2008 and just opened their second San Francisco location.

I’ve had maple bacon donuts and cupcakes as well. Both were entirely too sweet for my taste, but the bacon part was wonderful. Molasses Guinness Pear sounds very interesting. (I kind of doubt I’ll be traveling to San Francisco for a taste, however.)

Seems like donuts breaking out from the old tried and true.

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