King of Pain

Obama will pay a price for going over the fiscal cliff, too:

In light of that, Republicans should continue to act in a reasonable and responsible way, as Speaker Boehner has with his offer to raise tax revenues in exchange for spending cuts and some steps toward entitlement reform. It may be that the president comes to his senses, and if so they should be ready to deal. But if not, and if the president insists that the GOP jettison its beliefs and simply accede to Mr. Obama’s liberal wish list, Republicans should — in a respectful but firm way — say no thanks. If they do so, Republicans shouldn’t pretend that going over the cliff won’t hurt them. But they shouldn’t be blind to the fact that it will also hurt Mr. Obama, and perhaps permanently.

I can’t stress this enough: the republicans must not take the advice of the media.  They are not their friends, as this last election showed quite obviously.

They are in a no-win here and need to start thinking very creatively. How about introducing a bill to make all the Bush tax cuts permanent for all but the highest earners along with a permanent end to the AMT? Get that done right now. Pass it out of the House.

Then start real negotiations. Start with some of Glenn Reynolds’ suggested taxes.

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  1. feeblemind says:

    Mark Levin really unloads on Boehner after he purged conservatives from key posts to give him more flexibility in negotiating a deal with zero.

    “This man Boehner, his ego is massive. His ego is way out of control. He used his role, ladies and gentlemen, to crush the Tea Party, to crush conservatives. He is selling out our children right now with these massive tax increases, and that’s his starting bid. He’s saying, ‘Here’s $800 billion, now will you sit down with us Obama?’ He’s prepared to go to $1.2 trillion, I’m telling you he is. They buy into this class warfare crap. You want to know why? Because he’s not smart enough to argue against it, and moreover he’s unprincipled. I explained that in my first segment monologue. ”

    Audio is here:

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