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Not Your Father’s D’Oh!

Artisan donuts: Like San Francisco’s Dynamo Donuts. They have Spiced Chocolate Donuts, chocolate donuts coated with sugar, cinnamon, chile and chipotle, Apricot Cardamom, cardamom donuts with dried apricots and currants, with cardamom glaze, and Maple Apple Bacon, studded with bacon … Continue reading

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Twinkie Killers

The unions did it: –Hostess paid out almost $100 million in health benefits for retirees last year, but over half of it covered workers who never had worked at Hostess.  The Teamsters’ onerous and antiquated “multi-employer pension plan” foists the … Continue reading

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Ho, Ho, No

A Very Merry Christmas to their union brothers and sisters from the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union. They just succeeded in killing Hostess. No mo Ho-Hos. A representative for the bakers union couldn’t be reached to … Continue reading

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Bourbon Tourism

Interesting. Major bourbon makers – and not a few smaller ones – are engaging in a tourist-center explosion in Kentucky. The facilities are outgrowths of the success of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, which attracted 2 million visitors in the last … Continue reading

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Short Circuit

The ugly, ugly math of the GM Chevy Volt: Nearly two years after the introduction of the path-breaking plug-in hybrid, GM is still losing as much as $49,000 on each Volt it builds, according to estimates provided to Reuters by … Continue reading

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Pulling the Ladder Up Behind Them

I’ve lost a LOT of respect for Amazon in the past few weeks. And even more so after reading this from Hot Air.Jim DeMint has this just right. Here’s Sen. Jim DeMint addressing Amazon’s change of heart at a hearing … Continue reading

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Rearranging the Deck Chairs at Government Motors

Mickey Kaus notes total confusion at GM. P.S.: Why is all this executive turmoil happening now? It’s very hard for an outsider to know exactly what is going on, but there are three theories. 1) GM CEO Akerson is panicking … Continue reading

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Slip Sliding Away

Or why the Obama jobs initiatives will all fail. It’s the taxes: Employers are getting hit with a massive tax hike at a time when they can least afford it. Companies in at least 35 states will have to fork … Continue reading

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Kimberly Strassel: No one pushed harder than Mr. Kindler. The CEO made no fewer than five trips to the White House last year. He was the man prodding Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America head Billy Tauzin every step. He … Continue reading

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The Truth About Government Motors

Edward Niedermeyer reveals the truth about the surprise announcement that General Motors would “repay” loans from the American taxpayers – even as it reported a huge loss for the third quarter. It seems that the “repayment” is anything but in … Continue reading

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After The (Fender) Bender

Comes the hangover. Car dealers are bracing for the hangover after their taxpayer-funded sales bender. Sales of automobiles are expected to plummet now that the cash for clunkers spigot has been turned off. After the heady rush of Clunkers sales, … Continue reading

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Crash For Clunkers

The program grinds to a halt. But dealers are left holding the bag at the moment. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced Thursday that after a wildly successful run, the cash for clunkers program will come to a close on … Continue reading

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Apparently, They Did Stop Driving That Hod Rod Lincoln

Now all of a sudden she started to knockin’ And down in the dips she started to rockin’ I looked in my mirror; a red light was blinkin’ The cops was after my Hot Rod Lincoln (C. Ryan/WS Stevenson Hot … Continue reading

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Job Killer, Economy Destroyer

Obama’s health care “reform”, it’s two for the price of one! Investor’s Business Daily: The president’s runaway-train approach is the same one he used with the economic “stimulus” package. On the very day the House health bill was released, newspapers … Continue reading

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House To Middle Class: You’re Screwed

Keith Hennessey has delved into the House bill for health care “reform” and finds this astonishing bit of news. Some 8 million middle class Americans will likely end up with no health insurance and will get hit with a huge … Continue reading

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