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Think, People

If you are a gun owner, a believer in the Second Amendment, you really, really need to start thinking. Item: Obama telegraphed his support for an “assault weapon” ban in the debates – never mind that assault weapons are already … Continue reading

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Sadly, Yes He Will

Over at Hot Air JE Dyer asks if Obama will sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Kim Holmes of the Heritage Foundation critiqued the extant draft of the treaty in the Washington Times on 11 July, pointing out, essentially, that … Continue reading

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The Repeal Amendment

From the New York Times: The same people driving the lawsuits that seek to dismantle the Obama administration’s health care overhaul have set their sights on an even bigger target: a constitutional amendment that would allow a vote of the … Continue reading

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Madison Envy

You get the feeling sometimes that many on the left side of the American political spectrum feel they have gotten a raw deal when it comes to the divvying up of the important Founding Fathers. Sure, the left got Thomas … Continue reading

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Democracy Is Great – Unless Those People Vote Against What We Want

Aww. The tax hikes got voted down in California. Time to begin moaning about that darn democracy thingee: Californians are well known for periodic voter revolts, but on Tuesday they did more than just lash out at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger … Continue reading

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And Mad At Taxes

Glenn Reynolds, writing in the Wall Street Journal, notes that the madness for taxes noted in the previous post is increasingly motivating those who are mad at taxes to mobilize: Today American taxpayers in more than 300 locations in all 50 … Continue reading

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The Dimwitting Of America

The real trouble with excluding conservative voices from college campuses is that it helps turn liberals into blithering idiots. Take the case of Phil Busse, the moron college prof. who spent his free time destroying McCain/Palin yard signs, wrote an … Continue reading

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“Democracy Should Never Be Sacrificed”

So says George McGovern…and good for him! Tweet

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Noblesse Oblige Declined

Over at The Glittering Eye this piece by David Brooks get quoted approvingly: House Republicans led the way and will get most of the blame. It has been interesting to watch them on their single-minded mission to destroy the Republican … Continue reading

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Why Governors Are Better Than Senators

Generally speaking, Americans prefer to elect former/sitting Governors to the presidency rather than former/sitting Senators.  The main reason this is so was illustrated by Mike Huckabee over the weekend: Huckabee helps choking NC candidate with Heimlich Former Republican presidential candidate … Continue reading

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All The News That’s Fit To Blackout

If you live in Britain and tried to read the New York Times story on what evidence the terror investigation turned up, you probably got a nasty little surprise. The New York Times chose to use its advertising software that … Continue reading

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Image, Polls And Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens writes in the Examiner today about why we shouldn't pay attention to opinion polls that purport to show how the rest of the world views us. Since I have long been a critic of polls and polling, this … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and … Continue reading

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Pro-Democracy March In Hong Kong

A pro-democracy march was held in Hong Kong on Saturday, marking the ninth anniversary of the British hand over of the former colony. Police estimate 19,000 people started the march, but the crowd grew as the demonstrators moved through the … Continue reading

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Food For Thought On This Holiday Weekend

From Bruce Kesler at Democracy Project. Like Groucho Marx, I wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have me. To me, that’s a most American statement of principle, and I think applies to most Americans. The 4th of … Continue reading

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