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Not A Good Idea

Untitled document In today's Washington Post, Dana Milbank goes into full sarcasm mode over the Senate debate over a constitutional amendment to bar flag burning. At times crossing into bitterness, Milbank still hits a few good points. The naive among … Continue reading

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An Astonishingly Stupid Bill

Untitled document I already posted my opinion of the idiotic effort to form a "native Hawaiian" government by passage of a wrong-headed bill now pending in the Senate. There's a paper out by the Heritage Foundation that really lays out … Continue reading

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How To Deal

Untitled document With people who have no decency. The New York Times has an article about the push in many states to clamp down on protests at funerals. All of these laws would appear to be in response to the … Continue reading

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Belarus Update

The news is not encouraging. The crackdown by the government appears to have stymied the opposition, at least for now. At least one opposition politician cannot be located after he was arrested (that’s usually a bad thing). The opposition vows … Continue reading

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Unrest in Belarus Continues

The strong-arm tactics of the police may be breaking the strength of the Belarus opposition. The authorities appear to successfully blocked the demonstrators from starting another demonstration on the square where it was planned to occur. The police have been … Continue reading

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