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On Being An Idiot Or A Terrible Liar

The New Republic has hit a new low thanks to Jonathan Cohn: The conservative legal brief against the Affordable Care Act rests heavily on a simple proposition. Government can’t make us obtain private insurance because, as the argument goes, that … Continue reading

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A Little Chlorine For The Gene Pool

The 2009 Darwin Award goes to two Belgians who used dynamite to attempt to open an ATM. The somewhat excessive explosive charge dropped the entire bank on top of the would-be thieves. Or is that usta-be? Two bank robbers have … Continue reading

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Anything Worth Reacting To…

…Is worth over-reacting to appears to be the new policy at the Obama administration. Of course, over-reacting is a way to divert attention to the clueless nature of the Obama administration. The administration has decreed the 20 or so relatively … Continue reading

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How Green Was My Lipodiesel

The ultimate in green credentials! Have your personal fat sucked out and turned into fuel for your lipo-doctor’s SUV! If you’re keen to establish your green credentials you can install solar panels or stick a wind turbine on your roof. … Continue reading

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Change You Can Believe In

Quick question: Which is more frightening? The lack of judgment in a young political speechwriter in posing for a tasteless picture – then posting it on line. Or the fact that the young speechwriter is the head of Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

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Buddy, Can You Spare A …….. Gulfstream?

Hoo, boy. If this isn’t the most arrogant act of pleading poverty ever, it’s got to be very close. The three CEOs of the big three US automakers all took the same way of getting to Washington to beg for … Continue reading

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Typical Leftist Garbage

Now McCain can be tarred with anything and everything somebody (including an Obama provocateur) yells during a rally: McCain does nothing as supporter calls Obama a “terrorist” We’ll hear it said that McCain can’t be held responsible for what people … Continue reading

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It Will Cost Him A Fortune In New Monograms

Untitled document To each his own, no matter how weird "his own" happens to be: Illinois man changes name to 'In God We Trust' A school bus driver and amateur artist from the Chicago suburb of Zion has legally changed … Continue reading

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Tired And Shagged Out After A Prolonged Squawk

Untitled document More about Norwegian Blue Parrots of Monty Python fame…turn out there actual used to be some: Norwegian Blue parrot really DID exist – but now they are all 'stiff, bereft of life and ex-parrots' Dr David Waterhouse, a … Continue reading

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(Amazingly Enough) Pop Culture Can Be Worthy Of Study

Untitled document First the news from Britain: Britain's Brown punished in local elections Britain's ruling Labour Party suffered its worst local election defeat on record on Friday, forcing Prime Minister Gordon Brown to rethink his strategy to avoid losing the … Continue reading

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British Government Waste: Illustrated

Untitled document A Tory MP in Britain has been campaigning for a crosswalk to be installed near a school in his district. The request was turned down as too expensive, so Oliver Letwin requested a breakdown of the costs with … Continue reading

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Moonbat Ejection System

Untitled document A "war protester" who appears to be affiliated with Code Pink charged toward Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at a hearing in the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing room. The New York Post calls it an "attack" but it … Continue reading

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And In Today’s Completely Pointless News

Untitled document JK Rowling announces completely fictional character is fictionally gay. NEW YORK (AP) – Harry Potter fans, the rumors are true: Albus Dumbledore, master wizard and Headmaster of Hogwarts, is gay. J.K. Rowling, author of the mega-selling fantasy series … Continue reading

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Untitled document This guy has to be an honorable mention for the Darwin Awards. An Australian man living in a high-rise apartment building decided it would be fun to lay a plank from his window across to a neighboring apartment. … Continue reading

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A Lesson In Dumb

Untitled document I do not even begin to know where to start on this issue. James Dobson explains, quite clearly, why he is very, very dumb. Watch the video. Apparently, it is better to commit political suicide than to, you … Continue reading

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