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Dumb Media

Untitled document I hate posting about stuff like this, it just gives it more exposure. But at the same time, I think the frank stupidity of the media has got to be exposed. They have been giving helpful hints to … Continue reading

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The Art Of Being Stupid

Untitled document Proving, once again, that going to college does not necessarily mean you're smart, an MIT student has just narrowly avoided being shot dead. Why? Well, because she wanted to wear her "art" in Boston's Logan Airport. Said "art" … Continue reading

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Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Hannah Montana Tickets?

Untitled document I had no idea that the Declaration of Independence (much less the Constitution) guaranteed a right to concert tickets. Gee, learn something new every day. The City Council is looking into why the "Hannah Montana" concert at the … Continue reading

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Empty-Headed Demagoguery

Untitled document Empty-headed demagoguery from Russ Feingold today. He wants to "censure" President Bush – an empty, meaningless gesture designed to placate his more rabid base elements since he is undoubtedly smart enough to realize that a) despite the wish-upon-a-star … Continue reading

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Annual Rite Wrong

Untitled document Well, it's that time of year again. The annual drunken party that usually ends in a number of injuries and the occasional death known as the San Fermin bull-running festival in Pamplona, Spain. Also known as the "running … Continue reading

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Federal Case

Untitled document I'm kind of at a loss where to begin here. So let's just start with some of the article that caught my eye: WASHINGTON – It's the nightmare of pet lovers everywhere: Their beloved Fido or Whiskers gets … Continue reading

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Today’s Genius Money-Making Scheme

Untitled document Let's see. Metal prices are up, so selling scrap metal can be profitable. Cartridge casings are made of brass, much in demand at scrap yards. Ergo, cartridge casings are valuable. But first, we have to get rid of the other … Continue reading

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Quiz Time!

Untitled document 1. Someone who sees conspiracies involving "The Government" in every, single incident that happens is: a) Certifiably insane.  b) An embarrassment to even hardcore conspiracy theorists. c) Extremely fortunate that breathing is an involuntary reflex since that person would … Continue reading

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Bag Limit

Untitled document I link to a fair number of stories in the British Daily Mail. They usually have something or other that interests or amuses. Today, they have something just a wee bit underhanded going on, though. This is, quite … Continue reading

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Boffo B Movies In The Offing!

Untitled document Hollywood, hoping to catch the Gorezilla wave, are going back in time to recapture the golden era of B movies! Only this time it isn't the atomic bomb they are scarifying about! No, this is big news! They … Continue reading

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This IS A Joke, Isn’t It?

Untitled document Please tell me this is a gag piece in the Hill.  Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) believes it is his right as a Muslim to be sworn into Congress with the Quran. But apparently, the freshman lawmaker doesn’t believe … Continue reading

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A Belgian Valentine’s Day Present

Untitled document A Belgian "oxygen bar" has decided to replace the traditional Valentine's Day gift of chocolate and flowers with something more lasting: brain damage and asphyxiation! They are encouraging people to replace their oxygen with a hefty snort of … Continue reading

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The Un-American Condo Association

Untitled document I do not use that term often or loosely. This time it fits. Pam over at Blogmeister USA sent me an email about this outrage. A woman who's son is currently serving in Afghanistan has an American flag … Continue reading

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Nightfall In Britain

Untitled document Official British government advice on what to do when an old woman is being beaten to a pulp by a young thug on the street: Jumping up and down to distract the criminal might just do the trick. … Continue reading

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Good Day Ruined

Untitled document Well, not really ruined, I guess. But it is a bit disconcerting to spend a good part of the day with the family at a museum, laughing and joking on the car ride and having a pretty good … Continue reading

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