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Hiding the Inflation

We have all seen this before. Coffee used to be sold by the pound – in one pound cans. Now the standard cans are smaller – finding a one pound can is actually pretty unusual. It’s happening again, this time … Continue reading

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Inaccurate Labor Report

The ‘great’ unemployment numbers today aren’t so great: As Dow Jones reported: “A Labor Department economist said one large state didn’t report additional quarterly figures as expected, accounting for a substantial part of the decrease.” The wording of that statement, … Continue reading

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The Abyss Behind the Curtain of Cheers

The American press is positively wetting itself over the ‘glowing’ jobs report and how great that is for Obama and his reelection/deification. But the curtain of cheers hides an abyss: Buried in the Friday’s jobs report is evidence that a … Continue reading

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The Ugly Statistics

Mort Zuckerman: Why the Country is Unhappy Under Obama: It is all very well to raise a sword and cry “Forward!” but to what? Campaigning and barnstorming, at which Obama is very good, is no substitute for brainstorming to evolve … Continue reading

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The Real Unemployment Number That Matters

Elizabeth MacDonald: What would the unemployment rate be if all the people who want a job suddenly re-entered the workforce? Answer: 11.63%. For the math, see below. If the labor force participation rate had remained constant at the 67.5% level … Continue reading

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The Magic Jobs Report

I’ve been convinced that the books were being cooked on unemployment for quite some time now. The bizarre spectacle of the sudden decrease in unemployment by three tenths of a percent with only 114,000 jobs added has made a lot … Continue reading

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Global War on Coal

Across the pond, Christopher Booker notes the British war on coal – and the necessarily skyrocketing electricity prices that are coming: Fast approaching, if largely unnoticed, is yet another massive shock the Government has in store for us with its … Continue reading

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Economic Collapse

Happening right now: Gas prices rose nearly 50 cents per gallon in July and August, but have since leveled off. Excluding the impact of higher gas prices and other price gains, spending ticked up only 0.1 percent last month. Income … Continue reading

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Stall Speed

The American economy is slowing to a point where recession is about to hit: Bottom line: Growth the past two quarters has averaged about 1.6%. Not only does this mean the economy is growing more slowly than last year’s 1.8%, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Dismal Economy

In Barry’s world, there is only the past economy and the future economy. The former is George Bush’s fault, the latter will be Barry’s divine gift to America if he’s reelected. What we are living in now doesn’t exist for … Continue reading

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Green and Mean

Obama’s war on cheap energy: Obama’s preferred strategy has been to implement whatever policies increase the price of energy to American consumers. He proved this by striving mightily to impose a cap-and-trade program on fossil fuels so that “if somebody … Continue reading

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War on Coal – Round Two

Ok, the Obama administration and its EPA have decreed that more than 200 coal-fired electric generating stations must close down in the next couple of years. I posted about that yesterday. As an electric utility engineer, I can see the … Continue reading

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Magical Thinking Fails

Germany is discovering the drawbacks of wishful thinking: The more a country depends on such sources of energy, the more there will arise – as Germany is discovering – two massive technical problems. One is that it becomes incredibly difficult … Continue reading

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Dealing With Devils

Selling one’s soul never works out well. Take GM for example. The great “success” of Obama’s auto bailout comes with some costs: In the administration-overseen restructuring, bondholders got hit hard in what many legal experts say was a violation of … Continue reading

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The Recoveryless Recovery

The Obama recovery that isn’t a recovery at all: These are marginal negative movements, but they underline that the recovery touted by the administration has been the weakest in modern history. Nobody is entitled to blow a trumpet because the … Continue reading

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