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Politicizing Sandy

Bloomberg and Cuomo are saying that Sandy was caused by global warming. So was NPR yesterday and the people they interviewed. The problem is that this isn’t true. ‘Anyone who says there’s not a dramatic change in weather patterns, I … Continue reading

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The Downside of Twitter?

If true, this sucks. Gangs are supposedly planning hurricane looting sprees via Twitter. Scores of Twitter users have flooded the social networking site announcing their plans to go on looting sprees once Hurricane Sandy makes landfall, as the New York … Continue reading

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Green FAIL!

Electric cars are a very bad way to achieve ‘green’ outcomes: Making batteries for electric cars is a dirty process, and if the electric cars are run off a grid which is primarily powered by coal, as it is in … Continue reading

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Hungry? Blame the Ethanol Lobby

The threat of global hunger is increasing daily as the ethanol lobby cheerfully predicts no shortage of food derived ethanol. Corn is also a key ingredient in the combine of political power and corporate welfare that is U.S. alternative energy … Continue reading

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Think It’s Cold Now?

Joe Bastardi at Accuweather is worried about the next two – potentially much colder – winters. The current La Niña, which kicked in this past summer, is unprecedented after becoming the strongest on record in December 2010. Bastardi thinks this … Continue reading

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The Groundhog’s Day Blizzard

Yeah, it hit a day early, but that’s the new media meme on it, apparently. Chicago is getting hammered, Detroit is also in the path. But the path stretches all the way down to Texas and is set to target … Continue reading

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The Great White North Midwest

ABC News is reporting it as an “Enormous storm packing a punch forecasters say hasn’t been seen in years.”  We are already under the beast and have had icing all day with up to six inches of snow tonight and … Continue reading

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Happy Groundhog Day

Oh, joy. A major – really major – blizzard appears to be setting up for a huge section of the United States: A Groundhog Day Blizzard can shut down the Chicago area under feet of snow fueled by a bone-chilling … Continue reading

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Dirty Dishes

Oh, this is just lovely: They just don’t make ’em like they used to. Dishwashing detergents, that is. Really. Thanks to environmental protection laws passed in 16 states, dish detergent manufacturers have been forced to remove powerful cleansing agents called … Continue reading

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Bone Chilling Cold

This is potentially the coldest winter the US has seen since the 1980s. The media will assure us that this is the warmest winter, ever, however. The warmists are never bothered by facts. Tweet

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The Wind Cries Mary Money

The basic fraud of wind power: A typical commercial turbine needs a wind speed of between 6-10mph to start operating – and automatically stops when the wind is more than around 55mph, to protect its mechanisms. Even when the wind … Continue reading

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Ships and passengers frozen in ice near Sweden: Thirty to 40 ships — including several passenger ships — were stuck Thursday in ice off the coast of Sweden, said a spokesman for the Maritime Search and Rescue Center in Gothenburg, … Continue reading

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There He Goes Again

Al Gore makes another materially false statement: Gore says, “The heavy snowfalls this month have been used as fodder for ridicule by those who argue that global warming is a myth, yet scientists have long pointed out that warmer global … Continue reading

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“No Global Warming Since 1995”

So says Dr. Phil Jones, the scientist at the center of the leaked emails form the Climate Research Unit. Despite admitting that, Dr. Jones continues to insist that global warming is happening and is man made. But he also admits … Continue reading

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Ice Work If You Can Get It

Mark Steyn on the collapsing bandwagon of global warming: But where did all these experts get the data from? Well, NASA’s assertion that Himalayan glaciers “may disappear altogether” by 2030 rests on one footnote, citing the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report … Continue reading

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