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“Private Jets For Climate Change.”

Untitled document The words of Matt Bellamy, front man of the rock band Muse describing Al Gore's "Live Earth" concerts meant to "raise awareness" about global warming. You see, Al wanted Britain to turn all the lights off as a … Continue reading

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April (Snow) Showers And (Nor’)Easter Bunnies

Untitled document The Northeast is bracing for what is expected to be a major storm event. A winter storm event. The storm has already raged across the Southern plains, dumping up to a foot of snow in Kansas and spawning … Continue reading

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Mel Gibson Uproar

Untitled document There's a lot of activity in the blogosphere over the story that Mel Gibson was a)arrested for DUI and b)Made a complete ass out of himself with a tirade of nastiness and Jew-hatred. He has issued a lengthy … Continue reading

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“Iraq Is Free…”

Untitled document "…and the terrorists cannot stand this", said Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki today in an address to the US Congress. He spoke on many topics, but the defeat of terrorism was his major theme. Thank you for your continued … Continue reading

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Shocking Article On The Big Dig

Untitled document It's shocking because it is from the AP and it is not a thinly disguised political hit piece, like the Washington Post ran a few days ago. It actually points to the bureaucratic failures instead of trying to pin … Continue reading

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WaPo On The Big Dig Problems

Untitled document The Washington Post has a story about the problems with the Boston Big Dig project. There has been a long history of warnings about the project. One thing the Post does is extremely dishonest though, they cast blame … Continue reading

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Ode To An Old Flame

Untitled document Ah, the smooth sleekness. The classic beauty. That timeless sound you make. Ain't Zippo lighters neat? BRADFORD, Pa. – Derrick Stainton can't stop talking about his old flames. He's got more than 1,000 of them at home in Scotland. … Continue reading

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61 Lawmakers Call For Instructors Dismissal

Untitled document 52 Wisconsin state legislators and 9 state senators have signed a letter demanding that the University of Wisconsin – Madison fire the 9/11 conspiracy believing instructor, Kevin Barrett. The adjunct instructor believes the US government conducted the events … Continue reading

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Big Dig – Bigger Pain

Untitled document Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts has ordered the immediate shutdown of the Eastbound lanes of the Ted Williams tunnel after defective bolts were spotted during inspections. Romney said state engineers had found two bolts in the Ted Williams … Continue reading

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Big Dig – Problems Mount

Untitled document Following up on previous posts about the Big Dig and all the problems inspectors are finding, there is news that engineers are trying out a fix to some of the problems. It seems that the existing system is … Continue reading

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RIP, Mike Hammer

Untitled document He stood with his back angled to the wall. To an indifferent observer he was simply in idle conversation, but it wasn't like that at all. This was an instinctive gesture of survival, being in constant readiness for … Continue reading

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Boston Roulette Update

Untitled document Investigators looking into the collapse of ceiling panels in a Boston "Big Dig" tunnel have discovered documents that indicate there was a major disagreement over the design of the section of tunnel. It seems that there were questions … Continue reading

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Boston Roulette

Untitled document There's a whole new game in Boston now. Boston Roulette is where you get in your car and travel through the portions of the Big Dig that remain open. Because you just never know when it's going to … Continue reading

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Big Dig Update

Untitled document Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has signed emergency legislation giving him control over the inspection of the problems with the Big Dig and the ultimate reopening of the closed sections. The report uses the words "seized control" which is … Continue reading

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Big Dig – Big Headache

Untitled document The problems with Boston's Big Dig that became obvious when a woman was killed by falling ceiling panels are rapidly becoming even worse. Inspections have shown that more than four times as many defects as were originally suspected are … Continue reading

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