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Empty Chair, Empty Suit, Empty Stands

There appears to be an enormous enthusiasm gap developing: (Stevie) Wonder took the stage at about 10:30 a.m. “I do a song. You go vote. You come back. We do some more music,” he said before opening with “Sir Duke.” … Continue reading

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Empty Chair, Empty Stands

Tea Party visits Obama rallies, then the Romney rally in Ohio. The difference in crowd size is jaw-dropping. Do. Not. Get. Cocky. GOTV! Tweet

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Staten Island Hell

Despite the media’s glowing report of how presidential secretary Obama looked jauntily posing in his leather jacket, Staten Island residents aren’t feeling much relief: She spent her life helping people — only to be abandoned in her own time of … Continue reading

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Another Media Fail

Drudge does it again. He deftly cores the story line of Obama’s leg humping media about how wonderful the response of Secretary Obama’s FEMA has been. How they saved New York. Read ‘em and weep. (Now you know why Bloomy … Continue reading

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Secretary Obama

This is not the job he was elected to do. Obama was elected to be president, not the director of FEMA. Handling a natural disaster like Sandy is nothing like deciding whether to deploy military forces. The important people in … Continue reading

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Barry is ‘offended’ that people are questioning him on Benghazi. Watch the video. Barry is not telling the truth. If he was talking to me, face-to-face, I would not judge his statements here to be true. That is not based … Continue reading

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Why Can’t it be Both?

John McCain says the Obama handling of the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans is either a coverup or incompetence. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Sunday questioned whether the Obama administration was engaged in a Watergate-esque “cover-up” of its handling … Continue reading

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Silly Campaign Season

The Examiner looks at the increasingly silly Obama campaign – and points out that the strategy of Big Bird, Binders and Bayonets is likely backfiring. Throw in a dose of “Romnesia,” a controversial ad about virginity and a website home … Continue reading

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A Ripoff of a Ripoff?

William Jacobson notes that the Aussies are pointing out that the tasteless “First Time” campaign video that the Obama campaign apparently ripped off from Vladimir Putin was actually a ripoff from an obscure Australian senate candidate. This makes it even … Continue reading

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Did the Nutroots Sink Obama?

Mickey Kaus wonders: c) he fell for the netroots’ psychological impulse to “fight back” when he should have been borrowing, triangulating and coopting; d) he ended his campaign pushing lame internet-friendly rhetorical gimmicks–”Romnesia,” “The 1980s are … calling”–instead of tried … Continue reading

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Cringe Factor

About the recycled Vladimir Putin ad the Obamites put out yesterday. Donald Sensing writes this: Set aside, if you can, Marshall’s inherent racism that ethnic minorities are of such sexual habits or low intellect that only “whiteguys” can be offended … Continue reading

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The Sophomoric Obama Campaign

The Obama campaign degenerates, regressing to sophomoric. Drudge points it out, with the real outrage to the upper left of the name calling: Who refused to allow help in Benghazi? Who ordered that help stand down when it was in … Continue reading

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The Scatworker

This is the president of the United States? Really? Obama has signally failed to woo Republicans in Washington and there is precious little evidence he has even tried. Today, we learned that when asked by a ‘Rolling Stone’ editor whether … Continue reading

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Gee, how embarrassing. Obama challenges folks to look for his flip-flops – and the press obliges. Pay particular attention to the one on guns, folks. Seriously. Tweet

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Vowel Movements

Lessee, there’s two vowels and two consonants… Must be Iowa! Joe Biden is the intellect of the democrats all right! (I notice they spell-checked the signs in the background this time, though.) Tweet

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