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Stone Twists the Truth – Again

NRO reviews Oliver Stone’s latest false history. Happily, this looks unlikely to change. As Stone well knows, the appeal of Zinnism rests on its remaining unappreciated, as it is primarily for this quality that it sells. Why? Because to those … Continue reading

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Juiced Polls

To believe the latest polls, you only have to believe that democrat turnout will be higher than it was in 2008: It’s that simple. Because these polls are not only telling us that Romney is losing OH, PA, and FL … Continue reading

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Tax Cheat, Fraud Enabler

Who is Little Timmy Geithner? Let’s play bank fraud Jeopardy! Timothy F. Geithner, who served as the head of the New York Fed during the crisis years, and other regulators raised concerns about Libor. But they did not stop the … Continue reading

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