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McCain And Baseball?

Maybe I'm detecting a theme early on this summer.  The last two evenings I've seen McCain ads while watching baseball (tonight during a Twins/Indians game, last night during ESPN's Baseball Tonight.)  I think its a good place to buy ad … Continue reading

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By Way Of Introduction

Hello to all the Crabbers out there. My name is Rich Horton and I have been asked to lend a hand here at the BCB while the fearless leader is away for a couple days.  I thought it sounded like too … Continue reading

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The Biggest Controversy Of The Day!

Will author J. K. Rowling whack Harry Potter in the final book in the series? "I wrote the final chapter in something like 1990, so I've known exactly how the series is going to end," she told a chat show on … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Today, of course, was Mother's Day. I have been remiss not to have mentioned it before. Happy Mother's Day to any moms who read this blog. All the best from the Crabitat. About Mother's Day around here. My wife slept … Continue reading

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World’s Sexiest Woman?

A British magazine, FHM, polled it's readers and crowned Keira Knightly as the world's sexiest woman. We here at Blue Crab Boulevard don't know if we'd know Keira Knightly if we tripped over her*, however, as is always the case … Continue reading

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Well, At Least Something Is Working Right

It looks like The Truth Laid Bear stats are working, at least partially. It actually picked up on links to this site. I still have no clue why Technorati can’t seem to count links at all, though. They still show … Continue reading

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Now That’s a Work Ethic

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Agency lost a long-time employee on Monday when Arthur Winston retired. How long-time you ask? Well, he’d held the job for more than 75 years. Winston is 100 years old. His coworkers are sorry to … Continue reading

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On line?

Ok, after an afternoon spent loading all the old Blogger blog entries onto this new site, I went home and found that I could not log back into the new URL. It simply didn’t exist according to the browser. Well, … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

Well, I’m trying to get all settled in here. Luckily, Word Press works pretty well as far as importing stuff. I am going to be a while learning all this, though. Tweet

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The very first post – 6 January, 2006

Well, having ranted and raved often enough on other people’s Blogs, I decided it was time to give them a fixed target to hit. Hence, my first experiment at actually having my own Blog. I have absolutely no idea whether … Continue reading

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