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Anti-Semitic Rant Hosted By Official Obama Website

Untitled document My headline sounds like pure hyperbole.  Unfortunately it's true. Obamanism is the cure for Clintonitis that has devastated America and I hope Jews all over US rally around Obama and support him to win both the nomination and … Continue reading

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Soaking The “Rich”

Untitled document One commenter has made several comments favoring taxing the "rich" at a 90% rate. He speaks glowingly of the tax rates of 90% during the Eisenhower years. Actually, it is just a tad more complicated than the commenter … Continue reading

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A World Gone Mad

Untitled document Due to European Union environmental regulations as well as British law subservient to those rules, a local council in Britain had to spend a little money to relocate four newts before a building project could go forward. How … Continue reading

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Life Imitates April Fools Hoax

Untitled document Last April, I got snagged by what turned out to be an April Fools Day hoax. I linked it on April 5th, the byline stated April 3rd, but it had been originally published – as a joke – … Continue reading

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A Clash Of Green

Untitled document Beggars belief, it does. California prosecutors are pursuing charges against a couple on behalf of their aggrieved neighbor. The neighbor alleges that his solar panels are being shaded by the couple's sequoia trees. No, I really am not … Continue reading

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May The Force Be…… Something Or Other….

Untitled document Last year I posted about a couple of Brits who were petitioning the United Nations to recognize their religion. Said religion being that of Jedi. Yes, Jedi. As in the George Lucas Star Wars movies Jedi. Well, a … Continue reading

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The Magic Of The Theater

Untitled document I thought that Yale Dean of Student Affairs Betty Trachtenberg was, well, nuts, when she demanded that student theatrical groups remove all prop weapons from their productions. In fact, I had fun with that whole incident. Little did … Continue reading

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And We’ve Arrived

Untitled document I riffed off of Mark Steyn's latest column in The Orange County Register just yesterday. While he examined the particular level of insanity of those who refuse to breed to save the planet, I asked how long it … Continue reading

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The Plot(s) Sicken

Untitled document Good lord. The New York Post reports some poll results that should make thinking people very nervous. November 24, 2007 — Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the federal government had warnings about 9/11 but decided to ignore them, … Continue reading

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American Victim Idol

Untitled document On October 30th I asked what was wrong with George Washington University. That was in response to a report that swastikas had been drawn around campus – particularly in front of the dormitory doors of Jewish students. Recall … Continue reading

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Moonbats Over The Peacock

Untitled document Rosie O’Donnell in Talks to Join MSNBC Rosie O’Donnell, who abruptly left “The View” on ABC last spring after drawing attention and ratings for her opinions on everything from the Iraq war to her co-hosts, is in serious … Continue reading

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Replacing BDS With RDS

Untitled document Philip Klein notes the rapidly increasing level of hate being directed at Rudy Giuliani by the American Left. It shows all of the signs of a new variant of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Call it Rudy Derangement Syndrome or … Continue reading

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Hate Monger Goes Bananas

Untitled document Jay over at Stop the ACLU alerted me to this one – it is an amazing clip. Fred Phelps goes totally bonkers on CNN after losing the lawsuit today.   This is a narrow but very important distinction. This is … Continue reading

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Chet Culver And The Pumpkin Harvest

Untitled document In search of the rivers of revenue that a pumpkin tax will bring in, Governor Chet Culver of Iowa visits a pumpkin patch.   The Not-So-Great pumpkin Tweet

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Step Away From The Pumpkin

Untitled document In one of the most blatant "squeeze the peasants" move by a state bureaucracy that I have ever seen, the Iowa Department of Revenue has decided to begin charging sales tax on pumpkins. Until September, the orange squash … Continue reading

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