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Constitutional Moment

The Wall Street Journal: Unlike Judge Henry Hudson in Virginia, who also found ObamaCare to be unconstitutional, Judge Vinson addresses the Administration’s fallback argument that the Constitution’s Necessary and Proper Clause justifies the law even if the Commerce Clause doesn’t. … Continue reading

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The Entire Act Is Declared Void

A Federal judge has declared the entire ObamaCare act void. Stressing that the individual mandate was unconstitutional and that the government had argued that the mandate was absolutely essential to the entire act, the judge followed the logic and declared … Continue reading

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What Chicago Thinks of A Constitutional Right

Chicago has swiftly reacted to the Supreme Court decision throwing out their handgun ban. By a vote of 45 to 0 the city council enacted draconian “reasonable” gun laws for their citizens. (Yahoo! News link expires quickly). Let’s see what’s … Continue reading

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A Very Fragile Right

So, gun owners now have another victory from the Supreme Court on the heels of the Heller decision two years ago. The Second Amendment’s guarantee of an individual right to bear arms applies to state and local gun control laws, … Continue reading

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Standing Athwart History, Yelling “Stop!”

William F. Buckley’s famous phrase is being lived out today by a Senator from South Carolina. Jim DeMint has fired a warning shot across the bow of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. He’s leading a constitutional challenge against … Continue reading

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Dig Deep

AllahPundit: It’s legit. Her pops sent out a blast e-mail about it a little while ago and I’m told the link’s posted on his Facebook page, so fire away. Not that she’ll need the money: The lawsuit’s weak, the jury … Continue reading

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This Should Be Interesting

The Washington Post suddenly discovers James O’Keefe III and Hannah Giles, the team who put together the ACORN sting videos: Much of America discovered James O’Keefe III and Hannah Giles through their hidden-camera, make-believe pimp and prostitute videos of ACORN … Continue reading

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Continuous Jeopardy

Seven former directors of the CIA have publicly asked Barack Obama to rein in Eric Holder’s witch hunt against the CIA. They have several very good reasons as to why this whole thing should be stopped – right now – … Continue reading

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An ACORN Falls

This is huge. The reeking stench of not one, but two ACORN offices cheerfully giving advice on how to traffic underage girls from another country into prostitution has finally made the US Census Bureau cut all ties to the organization: … Continue reading

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No Fundamental Right To Possess A Gun

Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s stance on gun ownership: Judge Sonia Sotomayor could walk into a firestorm on Capitol Hill over her stance on gun rights, with conservatives beginning to question some controversial positions she’s taken over the past several years on … Continue reading

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Is There An Echo In Here?

Marc Ambinder publishes the not-for-publication talking points that the Obama White House sent out to back Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. If you go over to Memeorandum, you can play along at home in a rousing … Continue reading

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Not Exactly

I am not a lawyer, so take what I write here with some degree of skepticism. I see two items pop up on Memeorandum and read them both. I am not reassured by either analysis. Item the first: The Constitution’s … Continue reading

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Mackubin Thomas Owens on “the common enemies of mankind” as the Romans named them: Second, the various new substitutes for “unlawful enemy combatant” abolish an important distinction in traditional international law. As the eminent military historian Sir Michael Howard argued … Continue reading

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Political Hit Job

I heard about this on the drive home: The Justice Department on Wednesday asked a federal judge to drop all charges against former Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska. A jury convicted Stevens last fall of seven counts of lying on … Continue reading

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Pelosi Tramples The Constitution

John at Power Line is more than a bit upset by the antics of the Pelosi-led House: I’m stupefied to find that some people are defending the constitutionality of Nancy Pelosi’s discriminatory, confiscatory and retroactive tax on people who receive … Continue reading

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