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Keeping Up With the Droneses

Oh great. Something else to worry about. A drone arms race and low-rent operators.  Of course, neither WMD-armed drones nor cutting-edge UCAVs like the Predator or Reaper have fallen into un-deterrable hands—at least not yet. But if history is any … Continue reading

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Easter Egg

Well, it sort of looks like an Easter egg if you scrunch your eyes up and have been drinking heavily. GM’s master plan to save itself was revealed today in all it’s glory: The PUMA. Bankruptcy for General Motors may … Continue reading

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T Party

While I generally find The New York Times news coverage and editorial positions to be badly skewed to the left, the still carry wonderful feature stories. Such as this little gem describing some of the ways people customized their Model … Continue reading

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Labor Of Love

What results when 30 enthusiastic volunteers spend 18 years and some £3 million working in a shed in Britain? A brand, spanking, new steam locomotive. It's a project which makes no sense on paper  -  but it has created 90 … Continue reading

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Mobile Infantry

The late Robert A. Heinlein's vision of powered armor is rapidly approaching reality. A company in Utah has an operational powered exoskeleton and a contract with the US military to develop it even further. Rex Jameson, one of his test … Continue reading

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Too Tired To Play With The Dog?

Help is at hand.   Via the Daily Mail .  Tweet

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“Phased-Plasma Rifle In The Forty Watt Range.”

It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. (From The Terminator) Dire warnings are circulating about the possibility of … Continue reading

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Gentlemen, We Can Rebuild Him…

…We have the technology. That comes from the old television show The Six Million Dollar Man, of course. But now, the real world has caught up with that television show that went off the air in 1978. Because they can, indeed, rebuild … Continue reading

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Unintelligent Design

The New York Times has an interesting article on unintelligent design. No, this has nothing to do with the debate over creationism versus evolution, this is about lousy design in something really important: gadgets. So the bad news is that … Continue reading

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Ramjet Helicopters

After I posted that old newsreel footage from 1957 earlier, I decided to look up ramjet-powered helicopters, seeing if there was any information out there. Not only is there information, there is a surprise: the Hiller company actually produced an … Continue reading

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They’re Watching You

The Miami-Dade police will join the Houston police department as the first two operators of a new high-tech aerial surveillance drone system. The tiny vehicle, called the Micro Air Vehicle or MAV is built by Honeywell it is not armed … Continue reading

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Attack Of The Robot Guitars

Gibson Guitars is releasing a new, robotic guitar that keeps itself in tune all by itself – even after a string change. It will also retune itself into six different preset non-standard tunings at the push of a button. Help … Continue reading

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Time For A Niche Electric Car?

Interesting concept, although sales thus far are fairly dismal. A tiny, one-seater electric car with a 30-mile range that is actually pretty zippy (70+ mph). It would be a practical choice for many people who have short commutes and who … Continue reading

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Japanese engineers have developed what they hope will be a practical robot capable of giving facial massages. The WAO-1 robot, which stands for Waseda Asahi Oral Rehabilitation Robot 1, is being developed initially for patients with jaw-related medical problems who … Continue reading

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The DragonSpies Are Coming!

Oh no! Run away! The Washington Post reports that people at anti-war rallies are reporting being bugged. Or rather, being watched by bugs. Or something. Vanessa Alarcon saw them while working at an antiwar rally in Lafayette Square last month. … Continue reading

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