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So Cute You Just Want To Punch It

Untitled document The Nissan Motors company has unveiled its newest concept car, the Pivo-2. It's just so cute and cuddly that you want to slap it. (AP) Nissan's ball-shaped electric vehicle can squeeze into tight spots without backing up because its … Continue reading

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Robot Birds

Untitled document Well, this is just creepy. Right after I got done with the last post about the increasing use of drones over the United States, I come across this article. It seems some Dutch engineering students have come up … Continue reading

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Drones Multiplying

Untitled document The Washington Post reports that the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones is on the rise. But just not where you might think. Oh sure, they have become very common in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the … Continue reading

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A Great Legal Step Forward

Untitled document Well, things might be bad in Germany, demographics-wise, but there is hope on the legal front. Police there are refusing to arrest a man for exercising a fundamental human right. That's right, its completely legal to throw your … Continue reading

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Beary Bad News

Untitled document In what can only be considered bad news, a bear climbed a 100 foot tall power pole and completely stopped traffic in the California desert. LANCASTER, Calif. (AP) — Must've been a poler bear. A black bear climbed … Continue reading

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Rise Of The Machines

Untitled document Oh, just great. As if we here at Blue Crab Boulevard don't have enough to do attempting to chronicle the Animal Uprising™. One thankless task that has brought numerous restraining orders and all those visits from the nice man … Continue reading

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