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There Are No Words

Clean ones, anyway. Spread word on this obscenity. The leftist major media won’t. Via Ann Althouse. Tweet

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Loose Dope

Korey Rowe, a producer of Loose Change, the troofer conspiracy theory movie about 9/11 has been arrested for selling heroin. A producer of a documentary alleging conspiracy theories behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks has been arrested on drug charges … Continue reading

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“History Tells Us” Nothing Of The Sort

Ann Althouse dismembers an “expression of outrage” by a “serious” group of sociologists regarding Francis Fox Piven and Glenn Beck – the outrage is directed at Beck, of course: Fox News? And do you also call on The Nation, which … Continue reading

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Wow. Really. Cook: I sort of reject the notion that there is a communications problem with President Obama. I think it’s just fundamental, total miscalculations from the very, very beginning. Of proportions comparable to President George W. Bush’s decision to … Continue reading

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A Marvelously Succinct Point

Megan McArdle: Who are you more likely to leave:  the spouse who makes a pass at another woman, and then thinks the better of it, or the spouse who goes through with it?  Maybe you’ll leave them either way.  But … Continue reading

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Bleeding America Dry

This, according to Obama, is a sustainable budget. This is making “tough choices to get the deficit under control.” Let’s get this straight. This is not a tsunami of red ink. It is the fountaining of the very arterial blood … Continue reading

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“The System Worked”

Wow. Apparently, this will be the same standard applied to ObamaCare. Think about that, kids. Tweet

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Pedal To The Metal On The Highway To Hell

What the fraudulent health care “reform” will actually do to health care costs. Described by Tyler Cowen, a man who teaches economics: This structure of incentives would likely discourage many parents from earning a better life for their children. Congress … Continue reading

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Through A Doctor’s Eyes

Many of us have been trying to warn people that the health care “reform” being pushed by Obama and his minions in Congress will be a full-blown disaster for this country. How about if a doctor takes a look at … Continue reading

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Ever Wonder Where All That Money Goes?

The United States just spent a LOT of money in the past fiscal year. In fact, the deficit alone was $1.4 trillion . Wonder where it all goes? The Heritage Foundation lists out 50 expenditures that will leave you amazed: … Continue reading

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The Increasingly Disastrous “Recovery”

President Obama, Washington officials and the ever-subservient major media continue to try to sell the American public on the idea that an economic recovery is beginning. The problem is, the real indicators keep going downward. Well, except for the unemployment … Continue reading

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It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad House

Mark Steyn: …On Friday, the House passed the Restore Our American Mustangs Act – or ROAM. Like all acronymically cute legislation, its name bears little relation to what it actually does: It’s not about “restoring” mustangs. The federal Bureau of … Continue reading

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So, What’s To Hate In The Marxman-Wacky Bill?

Rather a lot. Like the bit about not actually being able to sell what you thought was your own house: If You Don’t Hate the Cap and Trade Bill, Let Me Show You Section 304. I bet you thought that … Continue reading

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Pelosi’s Suicide Pact

Did Nancy Pelosi single-handedly doom the Democrat’s majority in the House come election day 2010? If this scenario plays out in enough districts, she very well may have. New Mexico Democrat Harry Teague’s decision to vote in favor of cap-and-trade … Continue reading

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Withering Outlook

The Financial Times is, to put it mildly, not at all optimistic about the global economy or the prospects for a swift recovery. Above all, the financial crisis is itself a symptom of a balance-sheet disorder. That, in turn, is … Continue reading

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