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Brutal Cold Envelopes Midwest

Untitled document Accuweather is calling for even more brutally cold temperatures through the Midwest in the next few days. The northernmost areas will have sub-zero temperatures through the day while the midsection will see "balmy" single digits. And it is … Continue reading

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Soft Winds, Oscar

Untitled document As you watch this video, pay attention to the sheer joy on the face of the master playing the piano, Oscar Peterson. I don't know when this was recorded, but the man playing guitar is Joe Pass, who … Continue reading

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Night Music

Untitled document Here's a bit of a rarity, via YouTube. Ind and Sylvia Tyson gave an aspiring songwriter a huge leg up in the music industry when they recorded two of his songs on an album they released in 1964. … Continue reading

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Nicky’s Got A Girlfriend!

Untitled document Why does the press remind me of a gaggle of school kids standing around chanting some 'brilliant' witticism like, "Nicky's got a girlfriend," when I read something like this? Oh, that's right, because that is exactly how they … Continue reading

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Feeling Blue?

Untitled document Dunno if it's the temperature that is approaching zero where I live, and rapidly, I might add, or what, but I'm feeling (probably looking, too) a bit blue. So what better to lift the spirit than a bit … Continue reading

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The Day The Music Died

Untitled document 63 years ago on this date, a a single-engined Noorduyn Norseman UC-64 bearing the United States Army Air Force Tail Number 44-70285 took off from the runway at Royal Air Force Twinwood Farm on a flight to Paris. On board … Continue reading

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Led Zeppelin Or Lead Balloon?

Untitled document Dueling reviews this morning from two papers about the Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London last night. The Washington Post carries a review by Erik Huey, a lawyer from the US, who praises it to the moon and … Continue reading

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Call Any Vegetable

Untitled document Call any vegetable Call it by name Call one today When you get off the train Call any vegetable And the chances are good Aw, The vegetable will respond to you (Some people don't go for prunes…I don't … Continue reading

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Attack Of The Robot Guitars

Untitled document Gibson Guitars is releasing a new, robotic guitar that keeps itself in tune all by itself – even after a string change. It will also retune itself into six different preset non-standard tunings at the push of a … Continue reading

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*Sniff* Tiny Tim Would Be So Proud…

Untitled document The ukulele is experiencing (another) revival. This time Britain is seeing a resurgence in the popularity of the little four-stringed wonder. Music shops report a roaring trade in the tiny guitar-shaped instruments while some schools are abandoning recorders … Continue reading

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Smoke On The Gorilla

Untitled document You will never, ever hear Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water in the same way. Never.   The Daily Mail has even more. Lord help us. Tweet

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Into The Night

Untitled document The Times of London has posted a chance for you to listen to the newest single from Santana, a collaboration with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger titled Into the Night. It is one of two new songs on a retrospective … Continue reading

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It Don’t Cost No Money, You Got To Pay With Your Heart

Untitled document I've mentioned before that David Bromberg is one of my favorite musicians. Well, another video clip from him has surfaced on YouTube (it looks to have been posted by the video's producer). It is from 1984, a high … Continue reading

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Take Five

Untitled document Had enough nattering nabobs for today? One of the reasons I try to inject – with varying degrees of success – some humor on this site is that too much dwelling on the days events can be really … Continue reading

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Do You Like My New Street?

Untitled document Three Dog Night?!! Yeah… Oh! I love them! They're my favorite band!.. ow gawd.. oh, do you like my new car? I'm ah.. my Dad just gave it to me for graduation.. Ah yeaah?!! I'ts a … it's … Continue reading

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