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Take Five

Dave Brubeck has died. Probably his best known piece, Belgium, 1964. I have the original recording in my collection. I don’t think I’ve ever skipped to the next song when it comes on. Rest in peace.   Tweet

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Our navy is now one carrier smaller. The world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier ended its remarkable career at sea on Sunday when it pulled into its home port for the final time after participating in every major conflict since the … Continue reading

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An Unlucky Ship

The original became infamous. The replica just sank. HMS Bounty has gone under – with the confirmed loss of one life – and one of the crew still missing. The body of one of two crewmembers missing after the replica … Continue reading

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Amanda Rubio Update

Concussion. Latest word I can find is that she is doing well. I feel for the whole family. Been there, done that. Hated every minute. Tweet

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A Call No Father Wants to Get

My thoughts and prayers to Amanda Rubio. I have been in Marco Rubio’s shoes right now. They do not fit well, trust me. Tweet

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Serve and Protect

A deputy does his job – and averts potential tragedy. Good – no, great – job by Deputy Matt Boucher. Applaud a man who takes his oath seriously. Video is at the link. Tweet

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Compare and Contrast

…The self-righteous parody of a “man of the new left” with the grace and dignity of the victim of his venomous attack. “There’s no reason to drag him through the mud any more than he has been,” the polite 26-year-old … Continue reading

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Nailed That One

The guy arrested outside a Dearborn mosque with fireworks fired his court-appointed lawyer in court: The California man accused of plotting to blow up a Detroit-area mosque rejected his court-appointed counsel Friday, upset that the attorney is a Shiite Muslim … Continue reading

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Threat To Mosque – Maybe Not What It Seems

This just popped at Memeorandum – I had seen it a short time before over at Fox News. Basically, a 63-year old California man was apprehended outside a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan mosque with “explosives” – actually identified as “Class … Continue reading

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You’re Gonna Need A Piano Tuna

The saga of the Miami Piano (Sand)Bar continues. We have a copycat and a piano hijack of sorts: A day after a baby grand piano was removed from a sandbar in Miami, authorities discovered that another prankster set up a … Continue reading

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Piano Mystery Solved

It wasn’t a music video, it was “art”: Jorge Pino of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told CNN that for his agency “it would be highly unlikely that we would cite this young man for anything.” The agency … Continue reading

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Dugway Update

The lockdown at Dugway Proving Grounds was initiated when a small quantity of VX nerve agent was discovered to be missing. The VX has been recovered. A news release from the base on Thursday said, “during a routine inventory of … Continue reading

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This Isn’t Good

Dugway Proving Grounds is locked down due to a “serious concern”. Dugway is the facility where biological and chemical weapon defense systems are tested. Tweet

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Time To Listen To Your Doctor, America

Sometimes, you have to – if you want to have any quality of life: To counter this election-year ruse, my colleagues and I at Docs4PatientCare are enlisting thousands of doctors in an unorthodox and unprecedented action. Our patients have always … Continue reading

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All The Booze That’s Fit to Fry

Deep fried beer. No, really. Patent pending. Tweet

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