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The Associated Press: Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks

From the couldn’t make this up department: Northeast braces for temps near boiling point The extreme heat that’s been roasting the eastern U.S. is only expected to get worse, and residents are bracing themselves for temperatures near and above boiling … Continue reading

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Irony Alert?

Words of supposed wisdom from Gary Hart: Gradually, over time, political rhetoric used by politicians and the media has become more inflamatory. The degree to which violent words and phrases are considered commonplace is striking. Candidates are “targeted”. An opponent … Continue reading

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Stupid Leftist Profs Unite!

You have nothing to lose but your dignity and any sense of common human decency you may have possessed! The failed Times Square bombing prompted a leading light of academia to opine: Timothy Stoltzfus Jost, professor, Washington and Lee University … Continue reading

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“Soporific, Sophomoric, Self-Flattering Conformism”

Mark Steyn: That’s Nick George: “9/11? I do it my way.” That’s the metrosexual ninny in the Audi ad: “Thinking the way everyone else thinks has never felt so cool.” The good news is, as in “Invasion of the Body … Continue reading

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A Sundae You Wouldn’t Want

One of my commenters, Andrew X, either has uncanny timing or some knack of precognition. Andrew quoted Mark Steyn in a recent comment. And lo and behold, Mark Steyn quotes his own quote – or, more accurately paraphrases it – in … Continue reading

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Psst! You Get To Pay For It!

Obama’s solution to illegal immigrants and health care: Make them instantly legal and give ‘em all the health care we can afford to pay for for them. In other words, not only should everyone pay for Americans to get health … Continue reading

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Freezing Fourth

Current temperatures as of the time this post was written: Chicago, Illinois: 66° F (and raining) Indianapolis, Indiana: 63° F  (and raining) Erie, Pennsylvania: 69° F  (but sunny) Minneapolis, Minnesota: 69° F  (partly sunny) It is July 4th. It is … Continue reading

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Now What?

O.K., we all have a new President. So, for those of us who exist in the right-of-center mindset is this a time of deep misgiving? Probably not. Yes, there is uncertainty about what will concretely happen now that we have … Continue reading

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Please Read This

No, not the post, the piece I am linking here. I had no idea that the statistic had gotten this bad. A 90% abortion rate. My mother – and her mother before her – worked extensively with children with Down … Continue reading

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Fool’s Gold Politics

Brett Stephens, writing in the Wall Street Journal notes that the "America is declining" meme is growing popular, yet again. This happens on a fairly regular basis and the doomsayers are generally wrong. In 1788, Massachusetts playwright Mercy Otis Warren … Continue reading

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Gotta Love The Underdog

The New York Giants just killed the New England Patriots chances of a perfect season.  Sometimes things just work out.  AP Report :  GLENDALE, Ariz. – The Giants had the perfect answer for the suddenly imperfect Patriots: a big, bad … Continue reading

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Destructive Ambition

Robert Samuelson has a thought-provoking column out today. His subject is the dark side of ambition and how it can lead to pointless, self-destructive behavior. Ambition is both the blessing and the curse of America. A great strength of American … Continue reading

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Did Anyone Else Notice?

Senator Craig began his statement to the press today by saying: "Thank you for all coming out." No one thought, "Nice to see ya" would have been a less ironic opening? Tweet

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Fast, Cheap Or Good. You Can Pick Any Two.

The post title is an old engineering saying that reflects the true nature of any engineering project. It might as well be a natural law – it holds across the board for any type of engineering endeavor. If you want … Continue reading

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Educated Guess

I am quite sure there will be a lot of media attention on this item, which I caught over at Memeorandum. The New York Times is blaring a headline: Potential Flaw Is Found in Design of Fallen Bridge. Which is … Continue reading

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