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Notice Anything?

Untitled document The Associated Press is reporting that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting that the "La Nina" phenomenon will not form this year. The report says that means that there should "generally" be a less severe hurricane … Continue reading

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Plan Ahe

Untitled document ad. You know, I posted about new passport requirements for entry into the US all the way back in September. I wasn't – am still am not – all that happy with the increased requirements on citizens when … Continue reading

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Still More Pain In The Plains

Untitled document And even more water. Flooding has started to become an issue in many areas of the Midwest as the persistent storm front continues to hover over the nation's midsection. At least one interstate has been closed at this … Continue reading

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Center Of The Country Threatened Again

Untitled document For the third straight day, the center of the United States is under threat of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. (We just got hit again with a very strong storm.) It looks to be another rough night coming up. … Continue reading

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Tornado Alley: “Another Long Night”

Untitled document Yet another series of tornadoes has ripped through Kansas with still more on the way. Weathermen are predicting another long night. The number of tornadoes reported so far are "well into the double digits." The National Weather Service … Continue reading

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Live From Tornado Alley

Untitled document We are in the middle of a series of very powerful thunderstorms and at least one tornado has touched down briefly less than a mile from our house. That happened just to the west of our house. This … Continue reading

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“Mr. President, It’s The Bees And The Spiders Again”

Untitled document I can't believe the news let me get that line from I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus by the Firesign Theater into a post. But bless their hyperventilating hearts, they managed it. First the bees then. … Continue reading

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A Brief History Of Mental Health

Untitled document Jonathan Kellerman, professor of psychology and best-selling author, provides a short history of mental health in the United States since the 1970s. In a nutshell, excuse the expression, it boils down to one thing: turn 'em loose on … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal

Untitled document Hat tip to LGF for this item. The Pittsburgh Review-Tribune carried this story about a lecture by Ayaan Hirsi Ali in which a local Pittsburgh imam cheerfully announced that Hirsi Ali should be put to death for her … Continue reading

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Where Are The Grown-Ups?

Untitled document I missed this yesterday. Peggy Noonan hits one right out of the park with her weekly column in the Opinion Journal. She is writing about the Virginia Tech tragedy and wonders where the grown-ups were. She also wonders … Continue reading

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The Rites (And Wrongs) Of Spring

Untitled document It is currently storming again here where I live, for the third day in a row. This one roaring overhead right now is a bad one. There is hail as well as torrential rain. These storms appear to … Continue reading

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Default Assumption

Untitled document Michael Barone examines the "blame America first" crowd and how they got that way. His conclusion is probably familiar to all conservatives or those who lean somewhat to the right: institutional radicals in academia are the primary carriers … Continue reading

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Untitled document Self-professed enemies of the United States, who call routinely for the downfall of this nation, watch our internal politics and gloat. The theatrical, empty, spineless maneuvering and posturing for political advantage plays out not just at home anymore, but on … Continue reading

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Untitled document Jason Steck has an interesting explanation of the use of conflation to skew arguments. He notices the suddenly escalating hysteria over claims that the Bush administration is "planning to attack" Iran despite the fact that the administration is … Continue reading

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New York City Stinks

Untitled document Well, at least people over a wide area are saying they smell gas. "The smell is there. We don't know the source of it," said New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in his daily news conference. But Bloomberg … Continue reading

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