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I Have To Hate You

Untitled document Ok, not really hate. ENVY is the right word. Tweet

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Packing Heat

Untitled document Steve Chapman has a good piece up over at Real Clear Politics about concealed carry permits, the facts versus the scaremongering. The fact is that the horrific, lurid predictions that the gun control zealots keep spouting have not … Continue reading

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Really Bad Choice

Untitled document Of people to try to rob. A Knox County commissioner known for his pro-gun stance says he aborted an armed robbery at his car dealership Saturday with the aid of his .380-caliber pistol. Greg "Lumpy" Lambert, who represents … Continue reading

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Gunday Evening

Untitled document I haven't done a Gunday in a really long time, so here's one for a really slow Sunday. Smith & Wesson SW40VE in .40S&W caliber. Tweet

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Food With A Bang!

Untitled document Who says Britain is a dull place? Twice last week a processing plant that makes frozen French fries had to be evacuated when pieces of explosive ordnance turned up among the potatoes. The Scarborough plant, owned by Canada's … Continue reading

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Talk About Timely

Untitled document Almost as soon as the post about 40mm cannon shells went up this morning, this article from the Telegraph shows up. Ferry passengers were prevented from landing at the Twelve Quays ferry terminal on the Mersey after a … Continue reading

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The Family That Shoots Together

Loots together. My daughter, the budding assassin, competed in her first shooting event, a paper-target "turkey shoot". It was the first time she had even held a 20 gauge shotgun. She took first place and won a Mossberg model 702 … Continue reading

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Nebraska CCW Passes

Despite an attempted filibuster, the Nebraska legislature finally passed a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) law. The governor has promised to sign the bill. The new law ia a "shall issue" law, meaning that if the defined standards are met, every … Continue reading

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More Challenging Than Skeet

Tired of trying to shoot those little clay birds? Looking for something a little more challenging? Try the latest thing! Model airplanes. A Michigan man has been sentenced to six months probation and ordered to perform 50 hours of community … Continue reading

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Gunday Morning

Wasn’t that a song by the Mamas and the Papas? Or maybe I misremember. Anyway, it’s afternoon hereabouts. Oh well here’s a good picture: Taurus PT-140 Millennium Pro in .40 caliber S&W. (Picture gratuitously thrown on the website to annoy … Continue reading

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Kansas Lawmakers Override Concealed Carry Veto

The Kansas State House of Representatives has just voted 91-33 to override the Governor’s veto of a concealed carry weapon bill. Once the law goes into effect, law-abiding citizens will be able to carry concealed firearms after a background check and … Continue reading

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