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Or how Canada went bonkers. A radio station has been sanctioned for playing the Dire Straits song, Money for Nothing: Canadian radio station have been warned to censor the 1985 Dire Straits hit “Money for Nothing,” after a complaint that … Continue reading

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John Stuart Mill Reaches 500 RPM

Untitled document "Turning over in his grave" somehow didn't seem strong enough: Teenager faces prosecution for calling Scientology 'cult' A teenager is facing prosecution for using the word "cult" to describe the Church of Scientology. The unnamed 15-year-old was served … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry, But This Is Stupid

Untitled document Talk about the "Blind leading the blind": Court rules paper money unfair to blind The U.S. discriminates against blind people by printing paper money that makes it impossible for them to distinguish the bills' value, a federal appeals … Continue reading

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An Actual Victim Of The “Global Warming” Hysteria

Untitled document Just call it theme night here at the Crabitat! From the Houston Chronicale: Hurricane forecaster's dispute with school focuses on global warming debate By pioneering the science of seasonal hurricane forecasting and teaching 70 graduate students who now … Continue reading

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Little “Perverts”

Untitled document Mark Steyn goes off on the latest craze in education: labeling pre-schoolers and very young children as "perverts" and sex offenders by "school officials". As always, it is worth reading the entire piece as Steyn dismantles the so-called … Continue reading

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Freedom Of Speech: It’s Good For Canadians Too

Untitled document It is call to action time for anyone interested in liberal democratic values.  From Five Feet of Fury:   Richard Warman suing conservative bloggers — including me Richard "The Boy Named Sue" Warman has finally filed his statement of … Continue reading

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The Pending Prospect Of A Positively Putrid P.C. Presidency

Untitled document To my mind, there is much to dislike about the idea of an Obama presidency.  On the one hand there is the purely political objection to a lightly vetted candidate whose political track record suggests a strident left-wing agenda, … Continue reading

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Final Broadside

Untitled document George MacDonald Fraser, the author of the Flashman books as well as many other works died this week at age 82. In one last piece, published posthumously in the Daily Mail, he blasts political correctness. In the Nineties, … Continue reading

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Still More Fun With Racist “Diversity Training”

Untitled document A while back, when the University of Delaware mind-control experiment – called “treatment” for students’ "incorrect attitudes and beliefs" by the University was – revealed, part of the noxiousness exposed was the blatantly racist teaching materials used. Turning … Continue reading

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I’ll Be *Bleeped* For Christmas

Untitled document The Daily Mail reports that BBC Radio has decided to bleep a word out of a 20-year old Christmas song by The Pogues and the late Kirsty MacColl titled Fairytale of New York. Apparently, this song is a … Continue reading

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First, Give No Offense

Untitled document The phrase "First, do no harm," is not actually in the Hippocratic oath. Rather, it is a maxim widely taught to doctors that is actually a Hippocratic aphorism. But the title of this post could best be described as … Continue reading

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More Of What’s Under The Rock

Untitled document Bryan at Hot Air managed to secure an interview with Dr. Linda Gottfredson of the University of Delaware who, along with her colleague Dr. Jan Blits, were instrumental in getting FIRE all fired up about the Orwellian indoctrination … Continue reading

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When “Zero Tolerance” = Zero Sense

Untitled document Jay over at STACLU noticed this bit of politically correct total insanity. A second grader from New Jersey was suspended from school for drawing a crude stick-figure drawing of a gun. No, really, he was. When did the … Continue reading

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Not Exactly Cleared Up Yet

Untitled document And just like that, the ban on the American flag at a North Carolina school has been lifted. Well, sort of. SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C – A North Carolina High School that came under national attention over their rule … Continue reading

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Untitled document Frankly, the overzealous advocates of political correctness are becoming more than a little discouraging. When a school superintendent in North Carolina cannot figure out what flag is appropriate to display in the United States of America, we have … Continue reading

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