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I’m Not Being Quiet On Purpose

In fact, if you ever head over to The Iconic Midwest you would see that I’ve not been “quiet” at all. The trouble is I’ve set myself a certain standard for my postings over here. Gaius has set the tone … Continue reading

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My brother turned 51 this year. While that isn’t a very noteworthy accomplishment in this day and age for most people, for him, it was a milestone for him. You see, not many years ago, someone like my brother did … Continue reading

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Untitled document On my pilgrimage to Gettysburg, I did manage to procure a couple of mementos of the trip. One thing I brought back was a replica of a Confederate cavalry saber. My youngest boy had already prevailed upon me … Continue reading

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Hallowed Ground

Untitled document I rousted the family out early, ignoring their grumbling. The weather report promised highs in the upper 80s, but without too much humidity. Still, I thought it would be good to arrive early and beat both the crowds … Continue reading

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Long Drive

Untitled document We covered 2,867 miles on our trip and finished a final 22 hour drive just after 7am this morning. A couple of hours of sleep has done little to erase the sheer fatigue of a very long drive. … Continue reading

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Untitled document Despite growing up mostly in Rochester, New York only a fairly short trip from it, I had never visited Gettysburg. Well, that has been corrected now. I am writing this from a hotel right in the center of … Continue reading

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Drunk On Disappointment

Untitled document Or looking at the world through morose-colored glasses. Monica Hesse, writing at The Washington Post, examines the results of a new Pew study into the outlooks of Americans of various generations. The result? Baby Boomers whine. A lot. … Continue reading

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Untitled document I've posted some of the travel adventures we've been having. Today we head for Upstate New York to visit family. I'll try and post a few more things from there if I can. I am currently sitting in … Continue reading

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Wild Ride

Untitled document On the tour we took of Niagara Falls, one of the stops was at an overlook where you could see the Niagara Whirlpool. While we were there, a jet boat entered the whirlpool – intentionally, mind you. The … Continue reading

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Untitled document Day two dawned clear and warm. I was the only one of the family to see that portion of the day. The rest of the tribe slept in a bit. When I started waking them, there was a … Continue reading

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Road Trip

Untitled document A long, long drive and we are finally in Canada. The trip has been smooth, despite its length and the mind-numbing monotony of long periods of night driving on the interstates. I tried to stop every two hours … Continue reading

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Of Computers And Compressors

Untitled document It has been very quiet here at the Crabitat for a couple of days. Even lighter than the fairly low posting rate of recent months. There is a reason for that. I've been busy with computers and air … Continue reading

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An Era Ending

Untitled document The paddlewheel steamboat Delta Queen is about to be scuttled, in a figurative sense, by government regulations and a Democratic party chairman of a House committee. The Delta Queen is the last operational steamboat with a wooden superstructure. … Continue reading

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Deerly Departed

Untitled document The day started badly for my wife today. Only about two miles from home, she had just gotten her car up to highway speed when Bambi's mother decided to cross the road. This turned out to be a fatally … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me

Untitled document I should probably pay more attention to things like this – as Jim Lynch does. Today is the Crabitat's second anniversary. Yes, I know that for some of you it seems like much, much longer. But yes, Blue … Continue reading

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