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A Handy Reference

Of all the people who voted for ObamaCare. If you don’t want this massive intrusion into your privacy, you have to vote against any of these people who are running where you vote. Tweet

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Advice From Other Quarters

Crush Them: Conservatives have a rare opportunity tomorrow to do something they signally failed to do in the landslide elections of 1972 and 1984: finish the job. Head over and read the whole thing. Tweet

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The Bleak Future

If Obama wins a second term its trajectory is already written in the history of his first: Mr. Obama has governed from the left not because he miscalculated his priorities but because these are his priorities. His first term is … Continue reading

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If it Was Up to Us

This would already be won. However, it is not up to just us. So make sure you vote. And those thinking of voting for other candidates or sitting it out might want to reconsider.  It really is that important. Tweet

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Think Very Carefully – You’re Voting For Your Children…

Not just for yourself. A chilling reminder about what the outcome of this election means: If President Obama wins reelection, it will be seen by many, especially those who have made their careers in politics, as a vindication of his … Continue reading

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PA Gambit

Jay Cost: For starters, this is not 2008. The national polls are showing a tie at the moment, and as Sean Trende ably noted last week, a nationwide tie does not square with the kind of leads Obama “has” in … Continue reading

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This is good. Tweet

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Say, This Romney Fellow is….

…getting more likeable every day. Mary Katherine Ham at Hot Air: I know many conservatives bristle at the notion of “likeability” or personal “favorability” as an important campaign metric, dismissing it as a shallow consideration not worthy of news coverage. … Continue reading

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Our Leaders Owed Us Better Than Lower Standards of Living…

The New York Daily News has a strong endorsement of Mitt Romney for president – and a damning indictment for the failures of Barack Obama:  First came emergency economic stimulus. Because Obama gave free rein to House and Senate Democrats … Continue reading

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The View From Across the Pond – Tiny Obama Edition

Janet Daley: This was supposed to be a presidency of great thoughts and ideals. Obama was the big ideas guy: hope, change, the transformation of Washington, and a new post-racial, post-partisan politics. But whenever a moment came to go big, … Continue reading

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Daylight Kicking Time

Remember to change your president on Tuesday!   Oh, and your clocks today. Tweet

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Ground Glass

Glenn Reynolds: It’s hard to judge from the polls and the pundits. Last year, we were told that Romney couldn’t win unless he could appeal to independents. Now that he’s got a double-digit lead among independents in most polls, we’re … Continue reading

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Main Street Revolt

Salena Zito: In Democrats’ minds, it was never a question of “How did we lose Main Street?” Instead, it was the fault of the “tea party” or of crazy right-wing Republicans. Yet in interview after interview — in Colorado, along … Continue reading

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On a High Note

Byron York: Obama’s “revenge” remark was valuable to Romney not because it could be turned into an attack ad.  “Revenge” was valuable because it underscored, a thousand times, Romney’s new emphasis on the bigness of his own campaign versus the … Continue reading

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Trust Deficit

NRO highlights some folks who won’t be voting for the Loin King. Tweet

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