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Idiot Alert

(Note: Apologies to one and all…but sometimes I read something so stupid I cannot help myself.) Jeezus H. Christ. What exactly does it take to write for Slate? Charles Pierce (who is NOT, I repeat NOT to be confused with … Continue reading

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Are We, As A People, Really This Dumb?

I really hate the "cry baby" portion of America…I really do.  Case in point: 'Zero' chance lottery tickets stun some players When Scott Hoover bought a $5 scratch-off ticket in Virginia called "Beginner's Luck" last summer, he carefully studied the … Continue reading

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Tipping Point

I realize my posting has been very light the past week or so – and really light the last couple of days. I have been fighting – hard – with a number computer problems. First repetitive crashing on my main … Continue reading

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About That Meme

Whenever I write a post about my support for requiring positive identification to vote, the usual swarm swoops in and loudly and insistently proclaim that there is no evidence of widespread voter registration fraud. They say that is just false, … Continue reading

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Sometimes A Good Rant

Is good for the soul. Both for the ranter and for those privileged enough to be witness to said exercise. Me, I feel privileged to be able to read someone in full swing at a lot of things who also … Continue reading

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Side Effects

The Anchoress has a post up about some side effects that have occurred in patients who have received embryonic stem cell implants that proponents have failed to mention. It is not pretty. It seems the media forgets to cover little nightmares … Continue reading

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Hamas Militia Back On The Streets

After a one day withdrawal, the Hamas militia has again taken to the streets in the Palestinian territories. There have been no reports of violence at this time. Hamas has rejected the deadline from President Mahmoud Abbas to accept a … Continue reading

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Hilton Hotels Don’t like American Soldiers

So, maybe it's time to stop staying at Hilton Hotels. Via The Real Ugly American and Mudville Gazette comes a real " are you f***ing kidding me" moment. A steakhouse in Washington that has offered free meals to wounded vets … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Politicians Agree To Sell Themselves!

Gettysburg borough council members cheerfully agreed to sell themselves to any takers on Monday. Well, that's how I read it. Actually, they voted to accept a $1,000,000 guarantee (read bribe) to allow a casino to be built next to the hallowed … Continue reading

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Just so you know

I am not really all that familiar with HTML. I kind of learn as I go with it. I was quite happy to get away from Blogger. Still, Word Press is not a really super user-friendly program for a novice. … Continue reading

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This is a victory?

Ok, this is a subject I have at least some expertise in, having spent a lot of years in the utility industry. Several states, led by leading New York demagogue Elliot (I’ll be Governor if it kills you) Spitzer, have … Continue reading

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Blogger is again eating posts

I just had a post eaten by Blogger. I am kind of tired of this. One of the blogs I read regularly, Betsy’s Page, has been completely erased by Blogger. Tweet

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