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Freedom To Believe

Untitled document The daughter of a British imam has been in hiding from her family for 15 long years, chased from home to home as they tried to track her down. He offense: converting to Christianity. The penalty her family … Continue reading

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Just As Problematic

Untitled document “To me, ignoring religion in general is just as problematic as endorsing any one religion.” Those are the words of Rabbi Yitzhak Miller discussing a ban by the National Cemetery Administration of the words spoken during the Flag … Continue reading

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Cohesion At A Real Cost

Untitled document Rasmussen Reports has a poll result up about the electablity of a possible third party candidate if one is backed by Christian conservative leaders. Bottom line: no chance at all and hand the win to the Democrat. It … Continue reading

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Losing The Courts

Untitled document The Anchoress has a post up that was picked up as a feature on Real Clear Politics (congratulations, my friend!). As always, it is beautifully written, sculpted, layer by layer into a towering edifice of reasonable discourse. And … Continue reading

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Freedom By Religion

Untitled document The Christian Science Monitor has a fascinating article about the connection of religion to freedom and especially democracy. It is much greater than many people would have you believe. They point out that the Buddhist monks who are … Continue reading

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The Stars Going Out

Untitled document There is a flurry of comment in the blogosphere about the call from a Dutch Bishop for Christians and Jews to begin calling God 'Allah'. The Bishop, who is set to retire soon, has, not exactly made a positive impact … Continue reading

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Rising Rudeness

Untitled document Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof – Amendment I to the Constitution of the United States of America I wont indulge in a lot of hyperventilation about three … Continue reading

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Death Cult

Untitled document Michael Hirsh takes a look at the history that has brought about what he calls the cancer infecting the Muslim religion – the violent death cult that tolerates and encourages the murder of innocents, the use of children as … Continue reading

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Rebel(s) Without A…….

Untitled document ……Convent. A court in Poland has issued an eviction notice to a group of, believe it or not, rebel nuns. The habit-ual offenders have illegally occupied their former convent for two years, rejecting the Vatican decision to replace … Continue reading

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Denouncing Religious Zealots

Untitled document Richard Lindzen, MIT professor and much-maligned denouncer of the religion of global warming has an interesting column in the Daily Mail. In it, he exposes the flaws in the theories and the flaws in the thinking of the … Continue reading

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Invoking The Dreaded “R” Word

Untitled document As in religion. Funny, isn't it? The left never, ever misses an opportunity to bash religion in general, but Christianity with special fervor. But then along comes campaign season. And their favorite candidates fall all over themselves trying … Continue reading

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Publicity Stunts

Untitled document Leading scholars and respected researchers are raising their voices against the so-called revelations of James Cameron of the Tomb of Jesus and his family. They are calling it a shameless publicity stunt with no real basis in fact. … Continue reading

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A Titanic Something

Untitled document I steered clear of this story about James Cameron claiming to have discovered the grave of Jesus Christ, his wife Mary Magdalene and their son. It's very sensational. But it means nothing whatsoever. Anyone who swallows this story, … Continue reading

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Jon Frum

Untitled document The Island of Tanna in the Island nation of Vanuatu (once known as the New Hebrides) is the home to an historical oddity. A genuine "Cargo Cult" that you may have heard of at various times. They arose … Continue reading

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That Whole Petard Thing

Untitled document From 4. hoist by or with one's own petard, hurt, ruined, or destroyed by the very device or plot one had intended for another. Why bring that up? Well, this item from Eugene Volokh, writing over at … Continue reading

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