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That’s My Soul Up There

Dead salmon (not, apparently, frozen in a waterfall) responds to pictures of people. Not. A dead salmon has become a scientific celebrity after its brain supposedly lit up when shown pictures of humans during a brain scan. Some bloggers last week reported … Continue reading

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Hey, Honey! You Married A Mutant!

The New York Times reports on the discovery of a genetic mutation that results in a person only needing six hours of sleep each night instead of the “normal” 8+ hours. Researchers have found a genetic mutation in two people … Continue reading

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Warning! Global Warming(tm) Will Cause The Same Weather!

It’s official: Everything is a sign of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Study designed to measure ice storm severity An electric utility official and a state meteorologist have developed a system to measure the severity of an ice storm that may help … Continue reading

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Global Colding Update

Heard the hysteria about ice melt in the arctic? Well, it turns out that with the “melting season” officially over there is actually 9% more ice than last year. Hmmm…what do you call it when there is more of something … Continue reading

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Clear As Glass

It seems that the expression clear as glass doesn't apply to the nature of glass. There is more than a little disagreement over what glass actually is. "They’re the thickest and gooiest of liquids and the most disordered and structureless … Continue reading

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Tired And Shagged Out After A Prolonged Squawk

More about Norwegian Blue Parrots of Monty Python fame…turn out there actual used to be some: Norwegian Blue parrot really DID exist – but now they are all 'stiff, bereft of life and ex-parrots' Dr David Waterhouse, a fossil expert … Continue reading

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This Isn’t Important

As Gaius seems to have gone off someplace (possibly to help OJ Simpson track down the real killer), I feel I should post something here.  Unfortunately, most of my blogging of late has involved calling people names (I know, I … Continue reading

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White Punks Coats On Dope

No, not the old song by The Tubes, rather the results of a somewhat unscientific poll of scientists. It seems some 20% of respondents to an online poll admitted they use "brain boosting" drugs.  ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN)  — One in … Continue reading

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Science For The Masses

From the Telegraph comes this report on amazingly obvious science. That is to say, science that is so obvious that it should be a crime that research money was diverted to fund the studies. If you give kids more toys … Continue reading

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Blue Roses And Whiskey

Songwriters have used the words 'blue roses' to describes sad, lost love or something impossible. All those lyrics are now obsolete. The Suntory company of Japan, a major whiskey distiller, is branching out. They will begin selling blue roses sometime … Continue reading

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Giant Fraud

On February 2, 1870, the Cardiff Giant was finally revealed as a fraud in court. In fact, both of the fakes were declared fake. The original one and the plaster copy that PT Barnum had been showing – while declaring … Continue reading

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Behind Blue Eyes

No one knows what it's like To be the bad man To be the sad man Behind blue eyes No one knows what it's like To be hated To be fated To telling only lies (Pete Townshend, Behind Blue Eyes) … Continue reading

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Rocking The Insect World

A new species of beetle has been named to honor a rock and roll icon and his widow. A new species of beetle that appears as if wearing a tuxedo has been named in honor of the late rock 'n' … Continue reading

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Well, They Can’t Make ‘Em Fly Yet

But they can make pigs glow in the dark. A fluorescent pig developed by Chinese Scientists has successfully passed the genetically modified genes that cause the fluorescence to its offspring. They now have second generation glowing bacon. BEIJING – A … Continue reading

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Gentlemen, We Can Rebuild Him…

…We have the technology. That comes from the old television show The Six Million Dollar Man, of course. But now, the real world has caught up with that television show that went off the air in 1978. Because they can, indeed, rebuild … Continue reading

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