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The New Betamax

Untitled document It looks like the high definition wars are all but over. This time it is Sony who has won, unlike the video wars. The Blu-Ray system appears to have triumphed over the HD-DVD format. Wal-Mart may be credited … Continue reading

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Unhappy Valentine’s Day

Untitled document The FBI has issued a warning about opening Valentine's Day emails that might contain e-cards that deliver a trojan worm to the recipient. "If you unexpectedly receive a Valentine's Day e-card, be careful," the Federal Bureau of Investigation … Continue reading

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Virtual Flashing, Real Conviction

Untitled document A German man has been convicted on pornography charges after sending a photograph of his penis to a woman. The man is suspected of doing the same thing to other women – women he did not know, apparently. … Continue reading

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Blue Roses And Whiskey

Untitled document Songwriters have used the words 'blue roses' to describes sad, lost love or something impossible. All those lyrics are now obsolete. The Suntory company of Japan, a major whiskey distiller, is branching out. They will begin selling blue … Continue reading

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All That Glitters…. Might Be Aluminum

Untitled document Dr. Chunlei Guo, associate professor of optics at the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester, has managed something alchemists tried to do for centuries. He can turn virtually any metal to gold. Well, gold in color, … Continue reading

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The Future Is Now

Untitled document The US Navy has test fired a weapon prototype straight out of science fiction. The successful test of an electromagnetic railgun brings the navy one step closer to giving their ships an unfair advantage over any opposition – … Continue reading

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Personal Data Missing Close To Home As Well

Untitled document It isn't just the British government that can't seem to hang on to highly personal data. It is happening right here in the US. In Nashville, Tennessee for example: The theft of a laptop containing Social Security numbers … Continue reading

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Buh-Bye Analog

Untitled document Starting on February 18th of this year, the original, analog cellular telephone networks will begin going offline. Communications companies have been trying to let people know that their older cell phones will no longer work. Unfortunately, a number … Continue reading

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Spam In Unexpected Places

Untitled document Almost as soon as I posted the last item about Boeing and their plans to equip their new 787 with internet capabilities, this item popped up. It seems a security manager in the financial industry has just managed … Continue reading

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Hacking The Airplane

Untitled document The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring Boeing to prove that their new 787 aircraft is hacker safe. They say it is, computer security experts are saying that Boeing may have made their internet connection hack-proof. But if they did, … Continue reading

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Untitled document The makers of the Taser have a new consumer offering coming out. Already being called the "iTaser" it combines a 50,000 Volt Taser with, wait for it, an MP3 player. No, really, it does. The taser, which is … Continue reading

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May The Farce Be With You

Untitled document A group of eight friends, operating out of a garage in Britain, are filming spoofs of the Star Wars films that rival the originals in quality. They're doing it for a song, too, with production costs of around … Continue reading

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Biggest. Waterbug. Ever.

Untitled document New York harbor was invaded by the biggest waterbug ever seen today. Well, strictly speaking it isn't a bug – it just looks like one. But it is a very interesting concept – a prototype for a whole … Continue reading

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