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Calling Barry Out

I realize that the San Diego Union Tribune tends toward editorial conservatism, being that they are serving a market that is disproportionally heavy with current and former military. But it is still refreshing to read an editorial that flat out … Continue reading

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Drudge has the big, raging headline: TALK OF HILLARY EXIT ENGULFS CAMPAIGNS. I rather suspect that this is a ploy – likely by the Clinton campaign itself. Facing a double-digit defeat in New Hampshire, a sudden collapse in national polls … Continue reading

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Fascist America in 10 easy steps . That is the title of a breathless story (or fairy tale) in the Guardian written by Naomi Wolf. Oh, do take the time to read it, what follows will make much more sense … Continue reading

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Absolute Bull. A "study" supposedly "shows" that 665,000 "excess" deaths occurred in Iraq since the US invasion. Thats almost 15,500 every month above the expected death rate. Bull. Throw the flag on this one, folks. That the media is even … Continue reading

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FALSE Charges

This one positively reeks of outright lies being reported as fact by a major media outlet. Period. There is no – none – zero - zip – reason Israel would use anything other than normal weapons. This one stinks out loud. … Continue reading

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If It Doesn’t Get Traction The First Time

Repeat it over and over again until the meme catches hold. Similar to how Dana Priest got her Pulitzer, by repeating a rewritten story from 2003, Texas Rainmaker points to an astonishing trail of articles by Will Lester of the … Continue reading

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Crisis? What Crisis?

Greg Mitchell, the editor of Editor and Publisher, says the US is in "a crisis almost without equal". He argues that everyone seems to be in despair because Bush has another 33 months in office. His argument that , "Facing a … Continue reading

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Throw Flag On This One.

The ‘Bull$hit’ flag. A poll of immigrants shows the majority have growing fears over the tone of the immigration debate, says the AP. We’re told with a straight face that this poll denies the allegations that legal immigrants oppose illegal immigration. … Continue reading

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