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Satan Welcomes Osama For The Next Few Million Years

Thank God. Osama bin Laden, hunted as the mastermind behind the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil, has been killed, President Obama announced tonight. The president called the killing of bin Laden the “most significant achievement to date” in the … Continue reading

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Let’s Do The Time Warp, Again

It’s like deja vu all over again. The Obama administration is apparently seriously considering holding Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s trial in a new venue, since New York City is out. That would be at Guantanamo Bay. In front of a military … Continue reading

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Feeling Safe?

The prez channels a TV lawyer, his Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Incompetano assures us that the system works just great and our very own Nigerian terrorist is lawyered up, wrapped in the protection of American criminal law. Meanwhile, in … Continue reading

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Fade To Black

Mark Steyn: And 13 men and women and an unborn baby are dead. Well, like they say, it’s easy to be wise after the event. I’m not so sure. These days, it’s easier to be even more stupid after the … Continue reading

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Charles Krauthammer. Go read it. Tweet

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Righteous Indignation

The righteous indignation of an officer in the United States Army: Even four hours after Hasan stood on a desk yelling Allahu Akbar! and opened fire, the FBI stated that they were not investigating the attack as an act of … Continue reading

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The Hole

Mark Steyn: Thirteen dead and 28 wounded would be a bad day for the U.S. military in Afghanistan and a great victory for the Taliban. When it happens in Texas, in the heart of the biggest military base in the … Continue reading

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Read It

Just go read it. Please. Tweet

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Tiananmen West, Iron Fist Falls

Jim Hoft is all over what is happening in Tehran. There is blood in the streets. >In Baharestan Square the Police are shooting. A girl is shot and the police are not allowing to let the people help them. >Cell network … Continue reading

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Terminal Tribute

The very last parade given by the British survivors of the D-Day landings in Normandy in honor of those who did not return is over. The veterans, all very old now, will not organize another parade. They stood proudly, remembering … Continue reading

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“You Always Have A Dog In The Fight,…”

“…Whether you know it or not.” Mark Steyn: There’s a very basic lesson here: For great powers, studied neutrality isn’t an option. Even if you’re genuinely neutral. In the early Nineties, the attitude of much of the West to the … Continue reading

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Smart Move

The BBC is reporting that Mir Hossein Mousavi did NOT attend a scheduled meeting with the Guardian Council today. Had he done so, one suspects he would already be dead – or wishing he was. Mr Mousavi had been expected, … Continue reading

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Tehran Burning

Great roundup from Ed Morrisey, I will not even begin to try to catch up to him, go over and check it out. Warning, he has some pretty harsh videos up over there. It would appear that the people have … Continue reading

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“…A Flame Bright Beyond Common Understanding.”

The words of historian SLA Marshall from a 1960 article in The Atlantic. His subject is Lieutenant Walter Taylor and the breakout from Omaha Beach: Taylor is a luminous figure in the story of D Day, one of the forty-seven … Continue reading

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Stop Apologizing

Nial Gardiner in The Telegraph: No leader in American history has gone to greater lengths than Barack Obama to make amends for his own country. From condemnation of American “arrogance” in a speech in Strasbourg to acknowledging U.S. “mistakes” before … Continue reading

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