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Invasion Of The What Snatchers?

Untitled document Apparently, men in Congo are very worried that someone may be out to steal their penis. No, we are not making this up. KINSHASA (Reuters) – Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to … Continue reading

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Well, Thank Heaven There’s Finally A Good Use For Google Earth

Untitled document The Daily Mail reports that at long last there is a real reason for Google Earth. Oh, sure, there's the occasional hovercar sighting. Not to mention the spotting of alien invaders, but this is serious! You can now … Continue reading

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When “Plan B” Really Stinks

Untitled document Here is another for the What Are People Thinking? file: No charges for man who killed wife in TV mishap SEDALIA, Mo. — Prosecutors are not expected to file charges against a Missouri man who fatally shot his … Continue reading

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Darn It! What Are We Going To Do With The New Proton Packs?

Untitled document The Johnson County (Iowa) Board of Supervisors has withdrawn its permission for self-described ghost hunters to search a former mental asylum. Board members last month approved an investigation of the buildings, but decided to vote it down in … Continue reading

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Untitled document Following up on Gaius' story about a replica Stonehenge in Australia, all I can say why go Down Under when you can just go to Texas? This great American road trip destination improves upon the original by also being the … Continue reading

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Counterfeit Stonehenge

Untitled document An Australian businessman is building a full-sized replica of Stonehenge in Australia. Ross Smith has had a team of quarry workers cutting replica stones for the past five months and plans to have the whole thing built by … Continue reading

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Bomb Scares In The News

Untitled document Staffers at a Fort Wayne, Indiana law office panicked when they found a suspicious box containing an unknown object and called police. After much deliberation, the bomb squad decided to detonate the gift. The turnip did not detonate, … Continue reading

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Steamed Buns?

Untitled document We can laugh about this one since nobody was hurt. A nursing home employee in Auburn, Washington made an emergency call to the local fire department. It seems the toilets were exploding with steam.  AUBURN, Wash. – An … Continue reading

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Alaskans Play With Their Food

Untitled document The inhabitants of Anchorage, Alaska appear to have entirely too much time on their hands. They've taken to playing with their food in a big way. But the reindeer won the first annual Running of the Reindeer handily. … Continue reading

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Are Women Human?

Untitled document Put down the clubs, ladies, I am merely repeating the title of a book that is up for the prestigious Oddest Book Title Award. No really. Please put that down.  "I was Tortured by the Pygmy Love Queen" … Continue reading

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Don’t Throw Out Those Old DVDs!

Untitled document Make body armor out of them. A firefighter was spared a bullet wound when a ricocheting bullet was stopped by a DVD he had in his pocket. WALTERBORO, S.C. – A South Carolina man is thankful for a … Continue reading

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The Electric Slide(r)

Untitled document The Daily Mail has a report of a self-proclaimed "slider" or one who causes havoc with streetlights and other electrical and electronic gadgetry just be being near to them. Critics note that the "slider" effect has never been … Continue reading

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Driving With The Top Down Frowned On

Untitled document Driving with the top down – and the bottoms off – when the vehicle operator isn't in a convertible, is illegal most places. It certainly is in Southern Illinois: Police arrested Justin Flora, 34, of Marion, Ill., on Monday … Continue reading

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“He Treated Me Like A Dog”

Untitled document The line from National Lampoon's Vacation comes to life today in the pages of Britain's Telegraph. First, there is a report of a lawsuit where a former butler alleges that his former employer treated the Butler "like an … Continue reading

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Sex And The…. Airplane?

Untitled document Some flight attendants in Thailand are upset with a television show that they say paints them in a bad light. The show, War of Angels, depicts the romantic hijinks of fictional flight attendants and pilots. BANGKOK (AFP) – … Continue reading

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